Well, Miss Erika, what are you up to?

I remember my grandpa asking me when I was going to start piano lessons when I was 8 or 9 years old. He probably didn’t ask me all the time or even very often.

But he asked just enough to spark my interest. And enough for me to remember it to this day.

When I was 10 I started piano lessons.

I loved it. And I still do.

I don’t know how he knew it would mean so much to me. But he pushed me to play the piano. And I was inspired to like it.

He is good at asking the questions that need answers.


Recently he’s been asking me what I’ve been up to.

My answer was boring. Running. Ranger. Blogging. Reading a million books.

Nothing too much with a specific intent or purpose and I can tell he’s waiting for the day when I have something else to say.

He and I are similar
I think.

We need a project.

Or seven.

We need goals.

We need to do big things that no one else really does.

So his questions push me to my limits.

More recently he asked me if I was working on a book.

I was surprised…because yeah. I’ve thought of it before.

I told him I’m waiting for the content.

He told me how he would fill a book if he were to write one.

Then the subject moved on and drifted toward other things. And I’m left with the lingering wondering floating through my head what about a book?

That’s what my grandpa does for me.



Who do you have that pushes you to succeed and be more of who you are?

6 thoughts on “Well, Miss Erika, what are you up to?

  1. My husband tends to do that for me. Not quite in the same way, but he pushes just a little because he has such confidence in me when I don’t. I’ve really grown to appreciate it. And offer the same type of thing to him, so that together we can become better people. I’m enjoying your blog and will enjoy hearing about this book that’s floating around in your head now!


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