Closing in.

The days between now and our new little one are getting to be fewer and fewer!

Since she could technically be just as late as Ranger was, this time I’m not counting down the days til the ‘due’ date. I’m just happy with the knowledge that each day is a step closer. Pretty exciting.

Meanwhile I’ve been trying to use my time well, rest well, and love well.

Easier said than done. It’s simple to just sit and stew. Takes a little more effort to get things done that actually benefit your life.

But I’m trying anyway. Need to savor these little moments with just one.

I can’t wait.

I wonder and speculate about this little one less (though I am still wondering if she’s a girl like I think or if we’ve just dubbed another boy a girl and prepared in vain with pink everything…we might have to think of a boy’s name!).

Last pregnancy I had more time to sit and wonder about the little life inside.

This time I know it’s there and it’s a joy. But beyond that I just am content to let it be.

Just wait and see.

I am somewhat anxious about the birth, but not nearly as much as last time.

I know I can do it this time.

I know what I need to do to help things progress more quickly (something about leaning into the pain appeals and scares at the same time, no?)

I know what I’d like to avoid, though I’m not necessarily sure how to do it. (let’s not hyperventilate this time, yes?)

I know this home-birth experience will be different from the birth center experience.

I know the second most often goes quicker than the first.

I know a lot more this time.

I feel like I’m ready for the challenge.

And also just ready to be done.

Ready for another little in our house.

Ready to see my two littles together and side by side.

Ready to see my husband be a daddy to another little one. He cherishes them so well. Makes me adore him more.

Ready for a slight break/carefully orchestrated let-up Israel’s work schedule. (anything is less than 170 hour two week pay periods, yes?)

Ready to lug two children through the grocery store.

Ready to jump back into non-pregnant running and double stroller pushing running life.

Ready for my other wardrobe and the promise of being cooler.

Mostly just ready.

Not so ready for newborn sleep patterns, the toddler’s adjustment, less alone time with my wonderful man.

But we’ll make it

And it will be good.

It will be joy.

Just a few more weeks left.

I have a few things I’d like to do still.

Minor cleaning projects. Sorting and possibly paring down of all the little girl hand-me-downs. Scheduling out a bunch of blog posts, so I can feel less obligated and more like throwing down a quick update on our little family’s doings for y’all’s enjoyment.

It shall be fun :)

The real busy will start thereafter.

We’re closing in on the final corner.

(Earlier this month at almost 36 weeks)


right now? I’m siting on the couch, iPad in my lap, eating overly chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups.
And you?

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