Mopeless Monday… On thursday.


My sister has a thing called Mopeless Monday on her blog so I’m joining in.

Yes, it is thursday. I know. Somehow on mondays I have a pretty easy time being in good spirits. I’ve just had a weekend (or even just a day like last weekend) where I get spend time with my guy. We’ve visited with family and life looks good.

It’s not until wednesday or Thursday that I start to need a pick-me-up of sorts.

It’s still a couple days til the weekend and waiting for things is just not fun. Not to mention I’m tired.

So my three things I’ve enjoyed about the last week:

– We skipped church because Ranger desperately needed a nap AND israel hadn’t gotten back from an out of town wedding til well past midnight the night before. so we took it easy Israel took us out to breakfast/elevensies on sunday morning/afternoon. Lovely. So much more restful than a wild scramble to get out the door to church. Strange.

– I actually managed to clean things: my extra room is clean, the floors are freshly mopped and at one point this week the floors were vacuumed, the kitchen and dishes were clean, and the laundry was clean and put away all at the same time. It was very weird. But nice. :)

– my body seems like it might actually know what it’s doing this time around. If I go for a run and go for a walk on the sme day ?i end up with some actual contractions that evening. It’s a good thing. i’m hoping to skip that herbal induction this time. And definitely hoping to not go two week late. Blah. But yes, contractions=a good thing.

Looking forward to: baby coming soon! And…not sure what all else. Maybe I’ll make jam. Ha.

What about you? What have you enjoyed and what are you looking forward to? Is the midweek march or the monday meh harder for you?

Be sure to check out Amanda’s post. It is a little more complete with pictures of a sweet baby girl :)

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