A day in my life: Newborn Edition.

Life with two is fun. So far we’re still in adjustment and recovery mode. A lot of helps are in place and extra people are being so kind as to share their time with us as I recuperate from birth. I seem to be recovering a lot more quickly than last time. It is a major blessing.

Israel has been working from home and handling Ranger’s bedtimes and naptimes. I only recently started getting Ranger up from sleeping so that Israel can get a bit more rest or work into his day.

It has been a very gradual adjustment so far and is going quite well without too much stress for any one person.

Here is an account of our last friday.

Because it’s interesting to me :)


7ish AM: extricate myself from the sleeping baby. i’m just awake because my advil wore off and old habits are hard to break. I take a couple more advil to last til nap-time and plan on skipping it for the rest of today til bedtime just to make sure I’m not overdoing it.

7:10 AM: hear Ranger over the monitor decide to get him myself since I feel good and I’m already up. Israel had to work late and deserves a late morning since he’s been dealing with Ranger in the morning all week. So I scoop up the snoofy baby (she caught a cold somehow) off the bed and we go sit with Ranger while he wakes up.
He rolls around, drinks some water, talks happily and snuggles for a few minutes.

7:40 AM: We come out to the living room, sit a while and then I lure Ranger to his chair in the kitchen for breakfast. Put my contacts in. Whip up some fried eggs, crepes and orange juice while jiggling/nursing Alison in the moby wrap. I told you I felt good!

8:25 AM: sit down on the couch with my food. Use the bulb syringe and some milk to clean out the lass’ poor little nose. Ranger plays with a new toy from his great grandma.

8:40 AM. Eat food. feed cats. Change diapers. Read blogs, a book and emails alternated with reading a few stories with Ranger – he mainly entertained himself this morning though.

9:40AM: Ranger and Israel tromp a bit. Ranger plays outside, has a snack, and plays inside. Alison sleeps. Israel has breakfast. I continue to occupy the couch. Israel straightens up the kitchen, empties and loads the dishwasher, and heads into the office to work.

10:40 AM: Ranger happily occupied himself til about 10:40 and then we changed diapers, put day clothes on, and then I read stories to Ranger on the floor while Alison napped on the couch. Ranger noticed he now has more room to sit in my lap :) we read til Israel was rready to run Ranger to sleep in the stroller.

11:20ish AM: The boys are go running and come back 25 min later with a sleping baby. Israel takes the trash to the road and then finishes his run. I waste time on the interwebs, eat a snack, and read for a while.

12:15 PM: Get the sweaty husband to hold babe so i can visit the bathroom. Her nose was goving her fits so she wasn’t happy horizontal. Spend random time doing whatever.

1:30 PM: My mom texts to see if she can get groceries on the way over here. Absolutely! We tell her we need a pony among other things. Grocery lists are fun to text. So thankful for my mother.

1:50 PM: Ranger wakes up from his long nap and we repeat the morning wake up series of water, snuggles and talking. He loves it when I come in to get him and we get to snuggle a few minutes. He is also excited whenever he sees the baby and yells ‘daydee’ or somthing similar.

2:00 PM: find a snack to stae off afternoon whining while we wait for a moment to eat.

2:20 PM: nurse the lass.

2:40 PM: change both diapers. This is becoming fairly normal. Ha.

2:45 PM: lunch. Leftovers of all the lovely casseroles for me and Ranger. Israel decides to make mac and cheese.

3:00 PM My mom and youngest sisters get here with groceries (no pony. our yard breathed a sigh of relief.). They snuggle the baby, do laundry, put away groceries, clean the kitchen, chop watermelon, and play with Ranger.

4:20 PM: They disappear off to the park so I can nap. I read and then finally dozed off around 4:45.

5:25 PM: people come back and need to go to their own house so ranger comes in and watches George while I wake up a bit.

6:00 PM we grab another snack and play outside. Well. i sit and Ranger plays. He has become surprisingly independent in his play.

6:30 My friend Charis gets here to play with Ranger for a while. She kindly offered her time to babysit a while back and we have been stealing away most friday nights since. It has been a good routine. We decided to see if she would come this week as well so we could have a little time to ourselves even if we just stayed home. Twas a good decision.

7:00 PM: Israel got the grill going and made us steak. Nomnom.

7:30 change a diaper.

7:40 PM: take advantage of a busy moment and disappear into our bedroom with israel for steak and a movie on itunes.

8:40 we venture out to rid ourselves of dirty dishes. Find out that Charis successfully got ranger to sleep and decide to make a quick trip out to a drive-in for milkshakes and tots. Alison slept happily in her carseat the whole time.

9:10 PM: we get home, send charis home, and go resume our movie. Baby still asleep in carseat.

9:20 PM: Ranger awake and back down. Baby awake and back down.

12:15 AM: finally finish movie. Great Gatsby. It was alright. I didn’t necessarily like it. there were scenes we skipped. but is was interesting and strange.

12:30 AM: Ranger awake. Israel goes in and falls asleep getting him to sleep. I fell asleep. Israel back in at 2. And the night is finished with a couple more wakings to deal with Ali’s snoofles. She finally sleeps between us propped up on a pillow so she can breathe easier poor girl. She seems a bit better today (saturday).

That was that :) I’ll have another installment in a couple months!


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