sleep these days. . .


(Ranger found this app…i had never used it before. Lol.)

Apparently adding another baby to the house is a big deal for the now dethroned youngest of the family. Switching nighttime caregivers (from mommy to daddy) adds a little stress and takes away a bit of sleep for all involved.

The first few days after Ali came, Ranger slept great. He woke up once or twice a night and was able to go back down eventually (israel ended up sleeping with him in the early mornings and it was manageable). But somewhere around the one week mark I think he got worried about seeing his mama at all and he would wake up screaming and sad much more often. I had been putting him to sleep the first 18 months of his life after all. Israel took a day or two a week and more as I got more pregnant, but his main source of nighttime comfort was me. So that first week of just Israel helping Ranger sleep was hard.

It took a week or so of not sleeping well and a big change in our routine, but he is doing better now.

While we were switching over and trying to figure out what to do about the issue, Israel would have to go sleep in Ranger’s room with him the second half of the night or Ranger would have to come into the big bed with Ali and me so Israel could actually get some sleep in another room. If left alone, Ranger would sleep ok the first few hours and then wake up every 15 minutes the rest of the night.

It was less than ideal.

About a week ago Israel had had it and I had to put Ranger down on my own.

Up until that point my primary method of getting him to sleep was bouncing on the exercise ball.

I tried that while Ali snoozed on Ranger’s bed, but when Ali started fussing I had to pick her up.

So I put Ranger on his bed on his back with the rest his bottle to drink and sang our bedtime songs that we have been singing since he was about 6 months old while he drank it. When he finished I took it and turned him over onto his tummy and told him it was time to go nightnight.

He seemed fairly chill with the idea although he tried to get up quite a few times and fussed when I wouldn’t let him. He eventually went to sleep. Before this we had had a few tearful attempts at this sort of thing (him in his own bed going to sleep solo) without being able to get to the end goal of him sleeping. This time he went to sleep. Hurray.

The next night I put him in his bed with his bottle first. I sang our songs and then I just sat and waited. He was asleep in 40 minutes. The night after that it only took 20 (though it was an hour past his bedtime so he was admittedly more tired).

So that is how it will be. If he pops his head up I tell him to lie down. If he does anything with the intent of keeping himself awake (scratching the wall or talking) I tell him no, it’s time to sleep. Other than that I just sit and rock Ali while he wiggles and flops himself to sleep.

These last few nights it has been about a 40 minute wait for me in his dark room before he goes to sleep. He wakes up maybe once during the night and instead of crying loudly or needing anything specific he just turns back onto his tummy and goes back to sleep when I walk into the room, pat his back and tell him it’s ok. I generally stay in there for about 5 minutes at that point and so far it has only happened before I have even gone to bed. So it’s not disruptive to my sleep at all.

I’m guessing he has figured out it is possible to go back to sleep on his own in the night and instead of crying for one of us he just wiggles around to get comfy and goes back to sleep. This makes nights sooo much easier.

He has also been waking up super late as well. Instead of the 7:30AM wakeup call we’ve had to wake him up around 8:30 or 9:30. It has been a huge blessing to have that figured out so that everyone can sleep and sleep fairly well.

This routine has even worked for a couple of naps, though it takes longer when it is light outside.

So hurray!

4 thoughts on “sleep these days. . .

  1. ewww, we went through this too, with Fancy Miss, and it was hard at first for her to go to sleep by herself, but we stuck it out and she finally realized it was possible to sleep on her own, though, still at almost 11 she likes to have me lie in bed with her:-) Glad you got it worked out, and that the baby is so easy going about it all too!!


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