Molding Momma: Arranging Life for Connection and Obedience

It’s here! 31 days 2013 is here. I am excited to see how this year goes with my little ones and my ambitious goals. I have written the first 10 posts in advance and have been thinking about (and working through) this topic since July. So hopefully my thoughts are coherent and I am able to power through to the end.

Last year I collaborated with my mom and sister for our Focus and Refresh series.

This year I’m on my own and I’m writing about my journey towards being a better momma.

In July I was feeling overwhelmed with Ranger’s behavior, my inability to change it for the better and the impending arrival of one more little blessing/challenge. This series is the result of my attempts at intentionally learning to discipline and to foster an environment where discipline can be received. I wrote it as sort of a list of tips for moms of soon-to-be unruly toddlers who have no idea where to start amending the situation. It is a result of trial and error, thought, desperation, and prayer.

This is the list I would have liked to have as I was beginning to flounder in my lack of parenting knowhow. Not say it is perfect or complete or one size fits all, but I would say it is a start in the right direction and it is encouraging to have.

My goal of learning to shape my little boy’s behavior has shown more changes I have to make in myself than anything else. Although I have thought about this topic a lot, I have yet to completely apply the things I’ve learned. So as I am writing the last 20 posts, I will be going through this series with you by working at applying and bringing it all together in my life and routines.

Here’s to a month of:

—–Molding Momma: Arranging Life for Connection and Obedience—–

This will be the landing page for post links.

Starting tomorrow with Day 1: Buckling Down to Parenting Intentionally

And going on from there.

Day 2: Live Life Awake

Day 3: Begin Well and Simply

Day 4: Ask For Wisdom

Day 5: Renew Your Mind

Day 6: Consider Attachment

Day 7: Choose the High Road

Day 8: Remember Love

Day 9: Keep the Relationship Positive

Day 10: Connect on His Level

Day 11: Connect with Your Words

Day 12: Connect with Your Actions: Smile

Day 13: Books for the Journey: Parenting

Day 14: Give Grace

Day 15: A Day Short of Halfway

Day 16: Slow Down

Day 17: Together

Day 18: Share His Space

Day 19: Know Yourself

Day 20: Add Time

Day 21: Schedule

Day 22: Toddler Training

Day 23: Choose Your Battles

Day 24: Resistance

Day 25: Tantrums Happen

Day 26: Acknowledge and Teach Emotions

Day 27: Books for the Journey: Motherhood

Day 28: Imperfection and the Goal

Day 29: You.

Day 30: Be Encouraged

Day 31: The End

Concluding thoughts.


A current mini-bio:

I am Erika, 23, a stay at home mom, and just learning how to be more intentional in my parenting. My husband, Israel, is a wonderful encouragement and support to me though he works long hours. I am most often at home alone with the our babies who are 18 months, Ranger, and 3 weeks, Alison.

The Nester hosts a 31 days likup in October every year where hundreds of people join the party and the challenge to write on their blogs on a single topic every day in October. It is a fun challenge and it is fun to see everyone else’s topics and takes on the challenge. Join us at The Nesting Place this evening for the linkup if you’d like to join the fun!
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Any other 31 dayers? I’d love to check out your series if you share a link in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Molding Momma: Arranging Life for Connection and Obedience

  1. Erika, I am interested to see your 31 days. That looks like a great link up. I am doing an October series on resilience starting tomorrow! But I won’t be doing it every day, more like twice a week:) That is a great photo of you and the babies, btw and I loved your birth story!


  2. Yay, Erika! I think we found each other during the previous 31 Days series and I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year. I look forward to reading your topic this year as we are planning to add to our family and I’m sure could use some wisdom in balancing the needs of a toddler and a baby at the same time. Happy 31 Days!


      1. I think the wisdom comes in admitting that you have room for improvement. It’s so refreshing to see a real mother’s journey and not just some curated image of a perfect mom who has it all together.


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