1: buckling down to parenting intentionally.

(I started writing this series back in the middle of July. So we’ll start there.)

Let’s be honest.

I’m lazy when it comes to teaching and training my baby.

I would rather sit and read a book than enforce rules and teach that precious person he needs to obey me.

I’ve been lazy. I’ve been lax. I’ve been inconsistently alternating between enforcing rules and ignoring them.

Tiredness plays a big part. Lack of knowledge and ability to get him to obey plays another.

I’ve tried various things: loud voice/stern face (works for daddy), a swat in reprimand here and there (though when trying to teach gentleness that seems wrong), teaching firmly, ignoring the problem… None of these work for me with my little guy.

Somehow I need a new way.

Now is the time.

His younger sibling is due in a couple months and then my time will be split and my parenting challenges will probably just rachet up exponentially with time.

I’d like to have this first real challenge under my belt and taken care of before new ones pop in.

One kiddo trained before two kiddos make mommy lose her mind.

Here’s for hoping.

Time to be intentional.

The first step is to just begin.



Seasoned mommas: when did you realize you needed to get intentional with your toddlers? Did it come naturally or did it hit you upside the head all at once one day?

6 thoughts on “1: buckling down to parenting intentionally.

  1. I have a feeling I’m going to like this series. Little man is just hitting the stage where I look at him in bafflement and try to think what the right response is…


  2. Hi Erika!
    Oh dear, I can totally relate! My first three little ones all came close together (the first two are 12 months apart and then #2 & #3 are 13 months apart!). With each pregnancy I found myself so overwhelmed by the thought of adding another child to our home when I didn’t feel like I could keep up with the character training each child required. Every day is a challenge, but I think that focusing on the victories the Lord brings through our efforts gives encouragement to keep persevering when things get tough.

    I am looking forward to following you over the next month!


    1. Oh that is a lot of tinies all at once! Way to get through it! :) i like what you said about focusing on the victories He gives as way to stay encouraged! Thank you!

      I hope you are encouraged here as well as I work my way through the rest of this month! Thanks for stopping by!


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