3: begin well and simply


I feel like such a slacker. Ha.

As I’m beginning to write this series I’m thinking “ok. I need to do it all. If I write about it it will help”

It does and it doesn’t.

Right now I feel like today did not go well because I did not follow my entire original plan of do’s and don’ts. But I think the key to this will be to add it all together gradually. And things will get better as we go.

Right now I’m mainly focusing on being consistent.

It takes energy, but I’m making sure to not ignore the things he really should not be doing like playing with electricity(who decided electrical sockets needed to be at kid-height anyways?) and climbing in the oven drawer. Sometimes it works. But sometimes I’m left entirely too frustrated for my own good wondering how I’m going to keep him safe if he doesn’t listen. Yes that. We’re at the point where obedience = safety.

So I’m investigating when it has gotten too quiet and he is not in sight (quiet is bad, people!), helping him to obey when I’ve asked him to do something, and systematically redirecting him much more often.

I’m trying to follow through a little better with the boundaries we have in place.

And thus I will carry on.

I think being more consistent will get easier as the days go by and I add in more strategies for fostering obedience.

But for now I am also grateful that my efforts are not the only thing influencing my child.

“We are always to do our best, striving to be obedient and to love nurture and discipline them. But we are to do it with faith in the Lord’s ability to transform hearts, not in our ability to be consistent or faithful.”
Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson, Give Them Grace

And so even though I am trying harder, I still am resting in God’s ability to work through me and in spite of me to mold my little ones (and me!) into the people He created them to be.

How have you seen God show up in your mothering? Was it through you or in spite of you? I want to hear :)


4 thoughts on “3: begin well and simply

  1. I think that I see God more in my children and that shows that He is in on my mothering. When they act the way they know they are supposed to, I can see that he is helping me to do a good job with them. PS You are helping me take a better look at my parenting.


  2. There are always new temptations (my son is obsessed with electrical cords!) But there are electrical outlets now that are childproof! We just got some & they are the best thing ever. No more fussing with the little safety plugs! Still don’t let the kids play with the outlets, but can be a little more relaxed about it (I had a counsellor at camp growing up who only had half her hand due to an accident playing with the outlet so I’m especially paranoid about it!)


    1. It is always nice to hear about new things that keep our kiddos a bit safer and that make our jobs easier. I’m hoping that as time goes on it’ll get easier for him to accept it when he shouldn’t do things. We’ll see! Thanks for the tip!


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