4: ask for wisdom


As soon as I sat down and began to brainstorm the first things I realized is that I need to look to God in how I parent just a little more and look to the world less.
My vision of how the world disciplines their children was not doing anything for me or him.
A couple months before I had read a post on a friend’s blog where she mentioned how she prayed about how to deal with her little one’s behavior. I was surprised. Praying about how to parent my baby had never occurred to me. I am sure my parents did and do pray about how to deal with me and my siblings, but I never really thought about it in regards to my own parenting experience. Or at all really.
So this time, as I was drafting my lists and brainstorming ideas for improvement, I prayed a bit for wisdom and inspiration.
Just a bit, mind you.
I was not in the habit of praying regularly. Just when I was in need or stressed or blessed.
It happened.

As I was writing I felt inspired. I felt like these ideas might actually work and that God would guide me through them.

And then my little lad had me put it all my newly laid good intentions to the test when he began playing with the cover to the outdoor electrical socket on the back step.

Here was my chance.

I just didn’t know it.

I went over to him without a plan, took his little hand in mine and said, “no, no. Owie.”

He began to reach for it with his other hand so I pulled it to me as well. I held both his hands close, looked at him solemnly and no, no. You can’t touch that.

He looked at me. This was unusual. I usually don’t come down to his level or treat him so gently or speak to him quietly.
It surprised him.
It even surprised me.
He looked at me. I held his hands, said I love you. And he gave me a kiss. Spontaneously.

Gave my heart such joy.
I let him go and he went off to play. He didn’t go after the outlet again all evening.

I felt like that was our breakthrough.

It was my inspiration a out how to keep going and confirmation that this parenting intentionally was a better way.

And might actually work.

Thank the Lord.

I felt so led in our little interaction. How I handled that situation was so different than anything I had thought to try or seen too much in action.

I believe God led me in that little exchange. I’m continuing to pray and am confident He will keep leading me through this process of training my small things to obey. Even once they are big things.

Especially when our babies our younger and we are limited to just managing their actions because communication is limited, it is important to remember prayer.

There is so much power in prayer.



Do you pray about how to deal with your kiddos? Do you ask for wisdom?


8 thoughts on “4: ask for wisdom

  1. Love this! I think this is so important, both the praying AND the getting close to talk to a little one. Gets more challenging with a baby in arms, but still yields so much better results.


  2. I really need to be better at this. I find praying hard. Not hard to do, but hard to stay on task. There are so many things that clog up my brain, I need to focus more on it, and do it more often.


    1. So true. When I was still in school (pre-children!) i had to write my orayers out to stay focused. And then I was out of the habit for the longest time, but now God has given me time while I put Ranger to sleep…sucha blessing. And as you get more in the habit your brain stays clearer because you just send it all up to Him. Kinda nice. :)


    1. Wow! That is pretty crazy! It is definitely amazing how God chooses to work. I would never have thought to ask and have such good results about with potty training. But I guess every little thing is under his dominion! Thanks for sharing, Angie!


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