5: renew your mind


One of the first changes that came thanks to this more intentional way (even before I started really implementing too many of my ideas!) was an attitude shift.

I didn’t do it on purpose really. Or exactly expect it.

It just happened gradually as I gave a trial to this more thoughtful way of dealing with my munchkin’s antics.

At first I read stories to Ranger as a must. Drudgery. Halfheartedly. As quickly as possible.

Til one day (no one told me my spouse was going to be an extension of my conscience!) Israel expressed his concern about my book reading habits and how I wasn’t really putting any effort or closeness into the activity. He wanted my to pick Ranger up in my lap, put down my own book/iPad, and read to him like I enjoyed it.



I started to try and pay attention to how I was reacting to my little dude and his stories.
I started picking him up and letting him sit in my lap.
Savoring the story and time a bit instead of rushing through it.

Though admittedly I still get in a rush time and again.

But now I’m finding it more natural to sit and read with him and to read to him mostly whenever he asks.

And instead of resenting it, I find myself enjoying it and offering to read him stories more often.

So I’m thankful for that attitude shift.

And hope to continue finding more examples of it working positive things for us.

“Under God’s economy, nothing changes until our minds do. Transformation is the fruit of a changed outlook. First our minds are renewed, and then we are transformed, and then everything is different even if it stays the same.
God is more interested in changing your thinking than changing your circumstances.”
– Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God

How do you find changing your attitude helps your parenting? How do you go about changing your attitude?


2 thoughts on “5: renew your mind

  1. Wow. This spoke right to my heart. I am sure He is working through you on me! They grow so fast, it won’t be long they will let me read them stories. I need to enjoy this time and invest it in them.


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