12: connect with your actions: smile.


Sometimes after dealing with an issue with my little I get so caught up in being taken seriously that my face gets stuck in grim and grumpy.

I just want to be obeyed. I get caught up in my frustration with the situation and allow myself to stay there even after I’ve redirected him and I should move on.

I’ve been trying to change that.

The first time when we had that oh-so-postive and encouraging moment of teaching (see day 4 ) he kissed me spontaneously after I told him I loved him.

This little surprise of affection at that moment gave me the opportunity to lighten up and smile at him for real. That brief second of more positive connection allowed us both to leave the situation with positive feelings and the feeling of being closer than before.

The smile made the difference. In our feelings and probably the success of the teaching session.

So lately I’ve been trying to bring that smile into our everyday.

It gives him a sense of security in my affection.

It helps me to let off steam.

It allows me move on so that I can give more grace as we go on through the day instead of staying in Angry Momma Mode.

It helps to reassure him that even though I told him “no” I’m still his mommy.

And that little bit of reassurance feeds the next interaction and helps him to obey again.

An intense love is unsustainable through mere feelings and dreamy ideals; it is cultivated through knowing the one you love, and finding him to be who you’ve trusted him to be. That Which Feeds Obedience


What practices have you established to feed connection in moments of discipline?


4 thoughts on “12: connect with your actions: smile.

  1. My biggest struggle has been getting down to their level and making sure I’m talking to them like I would another person. They understand so much more then we realize!


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