15: A Day Short of Halfway


When I started writing this series I was hoping to have it finished before october even started. i was hoping to have it finished before the baby even came. But I didn’t. (And as you may have guessed by the change in posting time (from 8AM to 10 or 11 PM) I’ve run out of prewritten posts and am now working from an outline each day. Easier than winging it, but still a challenge since the only time my kids seem to sleep at the same time is at night (thank heavens for at least that!))

I think it is actually good that I didn’t write the entire series before the baby came.

if I had, I might have lost all my resolve…well. technically I did (when babies arrive good intentions and newly made plans get side-lined for a while as you adjust) but because I hadn’t finished yet I was forced to pick it back up again. So for me these first two weeks served as a lovely review of what I was already trying hard to do before Ali came.

It is still hard for me to really intentionally do these things (hopefully it gets easier!), but at least I have them in the back of my mind again.

And now I can go on with these next couple weeks knowing the work I put in now will make things easier and actually be applicable for a while.

Especially since these next few days deal with schedules and activities and implementing better routines. Things that would have been impossible to predict with just one kid how it would be with two.

I am looking forward to working through these next posts and seeing how they help us be more intentional.

A list I made when I thought I was at the halfway point in August. Ha. But it is still interesting now so here it is:

—–improvements I’ve noticed——
Reading books has been more a joy and less a chore.
I let him sit on my lap and that helps the connection.
Getting up to enforce rules comes more naturally, with more intention, and less unnecessary anger.
Cuddles are sometimes just necessary.
I am more patient at bedtime.
More able to discipline in love instead of always out of frustration.
There is more peace and purpose in the day and my day.
I feel less frazzled.
Housework gets done.
I still get to write.
Having the big picture in mind helps (train before the next comes) instead of just my emotional response and a feeling of “should…” there is also a purpose behind my actions.
We’re building better habits of communication and relationship. He’s learning how to wait. I’m learning how to invest my time more wisely towards his benefit.
If you’re trying out some of my ideas while you follow along, how has your progress been? Have you noticed any improvements? I’d love to hear about them! :)


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