17: together

“Children don’t need us to be fully available all the time, but they do our presence during connecting interactions. Being mindful as a parent means having intention in your actions. With intention, you purposefully choose your behavior with your child’s emotional well-being in mind.”
Daniel Siegel – parenting from the inside out

Today Ali decided she didn’t mind taking her morning nap on the couch instead of on me or in my arms. I jumped at my chance to clean a little without another person strapped to my front. Ranger very happily followed me around while I scrubbed the bathrooms and caught up on dishes. We then headed outside where I was going to pull up all my lovely dead frostbitten garden plants. I was planning to let Ranger play, but he ended up being much more interested in what I was doing.

I took down the fence and he played around in the new space for a while while I pulled dry cucumber plants (and three huge inedible cucumbers). Ranger found tomatoes and I tried to insist that they were yucky, but he may have tasted a couple. Blech!

We grabbed our big trash can from the driveway and I started to dump plants in. Ranger tried to toss his tomatoes too, but couldn’t reach! So we moved his slide over next to the can so he could climb partway up the ladder to toss his finds in. He quite handily picked and tossed the rest of the tomatoes. It was a fun for us ti be able to work together on the project and that he enjoyed helping so much! I wish I could have taken a picture, but I didn’t want to throw us off track or wake the baby by running inside for the camera.

Aw well. You will just have to imagine it. Cute baby. Helping mommy. And a ladder to the trash can. Pretty adorable. :)

So before today I was going to talk primarily about how I need to just sit down (or stand up!) and play with Ranger more. Which is pretty obvious. We need to spend time in activities together having fun if I expect to have enough of a relationship with him for him to obey or just not act out for lack of attention. It makes sense.

But today when he had so much fun just helping me rip out the old garden I was reminded how much he just likes to do things with me. Period. They don’t have to be specifically fun or labeled as ‘play’ in my head for him to enjoy the activity and feel like I am doing something fun with him.

I’ll make it a point to play with him, yes. But I’m a.so going to try and include him in more of my day to day workish activities as well.

We’ll just put in time together.


When did you have your kids start helping you out with work? Did you call it play?

Baby crying. must go!


8 thoughts on “17: together

  1. My wee one is 19months and she is such a big helper! She loves helping load and unload the dish washer, or making the bed.. you name it! Cant wait to read more of your blog with .. with two! Will give me more insight as we are planning for another baby in the near future! :) – Georgia


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