19: know yourself.


Step one: know yourself.
Step two: set yourself up to have your best day.

First known: I am a morning person.

I keep reading about people who have morning routines to help them start the day off right.

They drink coffee, eat food, read books, write, exercise and any variety of things that makes them happy. All before their kids get up or before the work day even starts.

I am a morning person and to me this sounds like the ideal life. I always feel most productive and happy when I can get a head start on the day and do something before everyone else is up.
It is a little harder to imagine incorporating this sort of thing into the schedule when babies wake up whenever they want or are teething or any number of things that interrupt their little sleeping habits. Throw a night owl husband into the mix and you’ve got it made. Sleep is precious among the parents of these types of kids (all kids!) and getting up a little earlier then them sounds a little ridiculous.

But now that Ranger is sleeping til an almost predictable time each morning there is a chance of me being up before him.
I usually only sleep until about 7:20ish so instead of trying to go back to sleep at that point I can pull myself out of bed and do something to brighten up the day.
I’m going to give myself plenty of grace on this one, but I’m going to try to get up just a little bit earlier then him each day so I can wake up and have some sort of morning routine that gives me peace and joy for the day to come, before the littles need EVERYTHING. :)

Second known: I am a runner.

Another sanity saver for me is running. I have found that if I have to take more than a few days off my mood starts to plummet. I am short tempered, tired and cranky with everyone. I need to run a few times a week and if I can’t run I need to walk consistently. An important part of my schedule will be incorporating time to run with my double stroller. And in order to stay motivated I need to keep races on my calendar and stay signed up for races. Woot. Perks. (Our next race is next Saturday! Should be fun! First 5k back at it)

I am super blessed that my husband is a runner so he understands that running is a priority for me.

Third known: I need my vitamins.

When I was pregnant I had to take my vitamins (we think it was the iron?) everyday to keep myself from being off the wall: when I didn’t take my vitamins or they were starting to wear off I was angry, touchy, cold and overly tired. At first I took them at night, but that combined with a hard to put to sleep baby made our bedtimes ridiculous. And then I completely forgot to take them one evening and took the vitamins in the next morning instead. Holy cow. Frankenstein was healed (never read the book, never seen the movie…so if I don’t know what I’m talking about with the frankenstein thing…ignore it. I just liked the name. replace with Monster if offended.) Bedtimes were much much easier.
And needless to say I still take my vitamins in the morning. I have a daily alarm on my watch to remind me. I’m still taking prenatals just in case it was the iron and i don’t really want to find out by going back to my normal iron-less vitamins. Ha. :)

So if you have crazy mood swings. Look into your nutrition. :)

Fourth known: i need to be intentional.
When I am intentional I am more prepared to deal with my life. I have things I’m working on (goals) and I have reasons for how I am doing things. it keeps me happy living in my life instead of constantly wondering about another version of my life. It helps me to be more content and proactive about keeping life how I want it.
How about you? What are your knowns? Do you have a morning routine?


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