21: schedule


I think this part of my challenge is going to take the most work for me. It is hard to commit to a schedule-ish thing when I have been used to just winging it and doing whatever I want whenever for the last few years (ok, mostly just while I was in college). I think it will be good for us in the long run and eventually it will just become routine- something we do without really thinking about it too much.

For now though, it is work.

My goal with this is pretty clear: implement a schedule that minimizes tiredness, hunger and frustration because of conflicts of interest/activities. I want to sort out the “me” time from the “us” time. I want to stop resenting interruptions and start spending time more intentionally in a family-centered way instead of self-centered.

Purposefulness requires paying attention, and paying attention means – almost by definition – that we make room for surprise. We become hospitable to interruption.

-Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God

And that might mean that I disregard the schedule at times. Or more often then not.

But at least I’ll have these goals and the framework at the back of my mind.

I am looking forward to having a little bit more of a routine.
Here’s the idea for our day:

6-7:30AM: Sometime between 6-7 Ali and I usually move to the couch because she needs a diaper or burp and is too noisy for her daddy to keep sleeping.
7:15 or 7:30. Keep my eyelids open for the day. Put contacts in, bible, blog or facebook, make mental to-do list and decide day’s meals.
8 or 8:15: Ranger up, dress everyone, make breakfast for everyone.
9AM: turn on music, make beds, gather/run laundry, rinse b-fast dishes, wipe counters, feed Ali, Ranger free play. (No internet! Read a book with pages if entertainment is needed.)
10AM: varied activity: grocery shopping, visiting with friends, library or outside play. And a snack. (Limited internet).
12:30PM: lunch.
12:45PM: running or messy play.
1ish-3ish: Naptime. (Internet!)
3ish: Play in Ranger’s room WITH him.
3:30 PM: Restart music, housework with Ranger.
4PM: Storytime and snack.
4:30: Housework/dishes. Review dinner plans.
5PM: sit with Ranger in room or outside while he plays (no screens!) (make sure to feed Ali.)
5:30: start dinner, make sure Ali is happy or in bub ready bub. Find something for ranger if not occupied. Curious George if necessary.
6ish: dinner and cleanup.
6:30: play outside WITH ranger, get mail, go for walk, play, clean up toys, vacuum, bath, jammies, diapers. (No screens.)
8ish. Bedtime bottle, singing,prayer, and sit with him wile he goes to sleep. Try to get Ali asleep well enough to set down.
9ish. Set Ali down (ideally). Write, read, bake, movie with husband as the day permits and requires.
11ish: bed!

Random Notes:

  • Ali’s schedule is just kind of woven throughout. With an attempt at synchronized naptimes and priority on synchronized bedtimes. .
  • Internet allowance details:
    • Feedly: 1X per day. No random checking all the time.
    • FB: morning , nap and dinner. (Thoughts on facebook I’d like to revisit from my last 31 days endeavour)
    • Twitter: 1X per week
    • Email: 1X per day.
  • Things to fit in while Ali is happy and not on me:
    • Shower
    • Cleaning with cleaners
    • Cuddle with ranger
  • You may remember I wrote another version of a schedule recently. It helped, but I’m hoping to be a little better at actully making this one into a habit so it helps me change my ways a little more.
  • some excellent tips from Simple Mom for finding a routine with littles. I need to memorize them. Ha. :)

So that’s that.



Awake to life.

The most purposeful people I know rarely over manage time […] The distinguishing mark of the purposeful is not time management. It’s that they notice. They’re fully awake.
– Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God



2 thoughts on “21: schedule

  1. This is something I really need to work on. I think I might just go to the dollar store and get some posterboard and create a week day and weekend schedule (at least for the girls) that way we can keep on task.


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