31: the end.

I’d like to end this series with a bang.

But that’s not happening tonight. :)

Ranger’s behavior has gotten better. My habits have gotten minimally better.

The big changes have happened in my head and in my heart.

And that is good.

Being intentional is good, but you also have to give yourself space to just be in some moments.

Intentionally be, if you like.

I’m signing off to spend the evening with my husband.

Thank you so much for the loving support and encouragement that you, my readers, have given me over the course of this series.

Here are a few more quotes and articles for you to enjoy.

I never expected love to be like this. I never expected so much joy. I never expected to get so much wrong. It’s what my Mama’s said to me a thousand times if she’s said it to me once. “It’s not that you aren’t going to get things wrong — it’s what you do with it afterward.“

Why Your Kids Don’t Need a Supermama @ A Holy Experience

That godly parenting isn’t ultimately about rules — but having a relationship with an ultimate God and His children.

That godly parenting isn’t fuelled by my efforts — but by God’s grace.

That if I make God first and am most satisfied in His love — then I’m released to love my children fully and satisfactorily.

That maybe it all comes down to this:

My kids don’t need to see a Super Mama.

They need to see a Mama who needs a Super God.

“For those who number their days aright gain wise hearts [Psalm 90:12]. Only they become God’s sages: those calm, u hurried people who live in each moment fully, savoring simple things, celebrating small epiphanies, unafraid of inevitable surprises and reveerses, adaptive to change yet not chasing after it.”
– Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God

Children can be stubborn. Stubborn like a dress stain.

And we can handle them hastily like inconvenient laundry day after day after never ending day only to have a damaged garment that endured the agitation too long.
Or with extra care, careful to preserve their beating heart that can turn this way and that. With attention to the impact of our words. With the knowledge that our efforts, our actions, they’ll be repeated with our grandchildren.

Gentle Cycle @ The Better Mom

One point keeps circling through my mind. There is a purpose in God using us, broken people – his cracked pots – to store the treasure of the Gospel of Christ. When the container is cracked – people can see the contents, and when we are filled with the hope of Jesus, we reveal our greatest treasure.
What Could Be Good About Brokenness? @ One Thankful Mom

Remember it’s enough to be YOU for your kids. God will fill in where we have gaps.
Did you have a favorite post from this month? What is it? Here’s the post with links to all the posts in the series! :)

Thoughts from you all?


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