Last month was fun.

And crazy.

And busy.

Something about writing a substantial blog post everyday just makes a person feel accomplished.


What I liked:

  • I liked writing again. I know I have been writing here for a while, but I really liked this. I had to work a little bit to write each day instead of yammering on in my normal fashion. It was fun. It felt a little like school again. A nice big project and nice accomplisment at the end. And it left me feeling like I’d learned something along the way as well.
  • I liked being thinking my parenting enough so now I can be thoughtful while I’m parenting too instead of mainly just reacting.
  • I liked the habit of writing. Yesterday I kept finding my down moments and thinking “ok, time to write!” Now to continue that habit with other writing goals! :)
  • I loved having an outline before the day to write the post came. I was able to look at the outline in the morning and let it sit in my brain until a free moment came and I was able to let some pre-percolated thoughts out.

What I didn’t like:

  • I didn’t like that often the day or my procrastination would land me writing in the evening while israel was free. Mostly I managed not to do and a lot of the days I did he was working too…but it still happened too much.
  • I didn’t like not having the freedom to post anything I wanted some days. I know I could have been allowed, but I really don’t have time for two posts a day.

How I’m moving forward/future blogging goals… I want to:

  • keep posting nearly everyday.
  • keep doing challenging writing projects/series that take more thought and research to figure out.
  • keep reading a billionty books and interesting blog posts.
  • keep blogging/writing time OUT of evenings/family time.
  • get better about actually limiting internet/screen time.

The final list of posts:

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