Easy Food {embracing imperfection}

Who’s ready for the monthly dose of imperfect honesty?

Fish sticks and tater tots for lunch.

Mac and cheese with hotdogs for dinner.

Yup. It makes it sound like I can’t cook.

But that is ok.

I’m embracing imperfection.

It’s ok to not “do it all”. It’s ok to go for easy instead of elaborate on the days you just can’t pull off a well planned meal in 10 minutes.

It’s ok to make food from boxes sometimes. No need to guilt yourself about minor details.

Just love your people, do your best, and move on with the realization that perfect is an unattainable dream.

And remind yourself of all the things you have done well and are doing well if you need a mood boost. There’s always something.


Oh yeah. I made sesame chicken for dinner yesterday. I chopped and stir-fried and made things from scratch.

But today was all about the pre made and easy and, admittedly, processed.


Have a lovely guilt-free evening, all! :)

6 thoughts on “Easy Food {embracing imperfection}

  1. Amen sister!! I can’t tell you how often I feel so guilty about not giving my kids home cooked healthy dinners. I need to focus on what is really important


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