Verbing: Present Progressive. First Person.

Copying Amanda. Because that’s what good little sisters do.

My mom always told us it was a compliment. Even though when we were little it was annoying and we did it to be annoying. Ha :) That took the fun out of it for the copier and made it endurable for the one being copied, what wise mother we have. :)
———- ———- ———- ———-
Right now… we’re all in Ranger’s room. Ranger finally gave in to his nap after some playing on his bed and a little crackdown on momma’s part. Ali is snoozing in my arms for now.

Thinking… about writing and where it fits in my life these days. I’ve been trying not to write in the evenings when israel is home since that tends to be our time. I prefer to write when Ranger is asleep so I don’t have to feel remiss in my mothering. Both asleep would be ideal. And it tends to be hard to fit in when Ali is awake or needing bounced. And everything always needs to be done! But this time right now seems to be fine.

Reading… books byGrace Livingston Hill. All the free ebooks anyway. Love these sweet christian romances.

Feeling… hopeful for days to come and peaceful about days here.

Excited… for Christmas and shopping for my people. Now to just hold off til we get paid… :) I made a christmas mix on Pandora!

Working…on building my mileage base for my half-marathon training! :) It is hard to be patient and just put in the time when I want to be faster, run longer and do more. At the same time it’s good to wait because I’m running about as much as my babies will let me at the moment. And I really need to avoid injuries caused by building mileage too quickly (yes, stress fractures, I’m talking to you. No repeats).

Proud… of my hard working husband, and my little boy who is learning to obey and to be gentle with his sister.

Wanting… an island vacation with my husband and no work.

Stressed… not too much at the moment.

Thankful… for life as it has been these last few days. Saturday afternoon was especially lovely. Ali fell asleep in my arms as usual, but Ranger was busy quietly watching a movie with Israel so I was able to set Ali down on the couch without waking her around 1:30. Then I made lunch while she slept. The boys ate. I ran to the store for ginger, oreos and butterscotch chips (the essentials, you know?). Ali still slept. Ranger needed a nap and Israel had fallen asleep in front of the movie so I set Ranger up quietly in his room and sat between his room and the loving room (so .i could hear Ali if she woke up!) while he fell asleep. He fell asleep in about 10 minutes around 2:50. Unusual.

So there I was in my house with all my sleeping people. I did a half hour of yoga, made gingersnaps and took a shower. All of it all alone. Not to mention the quick store trip earlier.

The whole afternoon was lovely. The little people woke up around 5 and I resumed my life as a momma of two littles, but that afternoon was very refreshing and single-person-esque. :)

Missing… the freedom and spontanaeity of being a kidless married couple, but at the same time I am realizing we are closer now.
Even though at times I would really like more time with him without stress and worry and random negativity thrown in. Those add-ins would be around even without kids anyway I suppose.

Wondering.. how to greet each other with happy hearts and welcoming arms instead of tired eyes and needs. I want to figure out how to keep our relationship fun and warm and positive even as we’re dealing with a life that includes things like bills, budgets, overtime on salary, diapers, dishes, yardwork, laundry, deadlines, and tiredness. Conundrums here.

Eating… butterscotch chips. Like a boss.

Wishing… they had the nutritional value of…something more nutritious.

Drinking… lots of milk! Got to avoid those stress fractures.

Watching… Thor 2! In theaters. I loved it.
It was also the first movie we’ve seen in theaters since Ali was born two months ago.
And no we didn’t leave her home.
She came with and slept in the wrap the whole time. It was rather shocking and lovely. I had to stand and bounce (meaning do half squats) maybe a third of the time? I just covered her ear with my hand (her other was against my chest) and focused on breathing calmly even through tense moments that might cause me to startle. We also went right when she normally has her first good sleep of the night about 7:30-8 ish. So I was fairly sure she’d sleep.

We wouldn’t have ever tried that with Ranger! We didn’t go see a movie together until he was about 4 or 5 months old and we felt comfortable leaving him with my family that long.

It was really nice and fun to be able to do something like that already.

Loving… baking and cooking this fall. I made bread a couple days ago and really enjoyed seeing it turn out pretty well even though I forgot to add anything besides flour and water and yeast. Ha. And gingersnaps. And banana bread soon. And it is soup season now.

And leaves. Loving the leaves of fall. :)

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