Fall Leaves!

First leaf pile of the season.

He assesses the pile.

He assesses the audience.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

And freak out! :)

Love this boy. :)


I’m so excited to get outside with ranger as these new seasons come around. First leaves, first snow, a second set of first holidays. It’s all different at 20 months as opposed to 8 months :) everything’s new these first couple years.

Now I just need to make a point to go out and play with him everyday instead of making excuses.

He loves it.



What do your kids like to do outside in the fall and winter?

I’m thinking we should hit up the zoo sometime soon too… :)

10 thoughts on “Fall Leaves!

  1. I totally thought the ad was a video of yours, it was a mom and baby, but she had too dark of hair to be you! lol Love the leaf pictures. We might have to go find some soon!


  2. Ascher did the same thing with the leaf pile I made for him at the park the other day! How do they know to jump in the leaf pile?? I never taught him…! So much fun!


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