Snow Already. And already gone.

We had a lovely time playing in the leaves last Tuesday. I was quite looking forward to more leaves this week and plenty of mild (in the 50s) outside playing.

But alas. On Saturday we woke up to an and a half of snow!

So Ranger got to play as soon as he woke up.

He thought it was interesting and strange and just walked around looking at things for a few minutes.

At one point he slipped, fell over onto his tummy, and asked “What is this?”
He didn’t quite remember it from last year I guess.

He got a handful and was pretty excited about it. :)

A little later he was playing with the snow in his flower pot and asked it again: “what is this?” I told him it was snow. And then a couple seconds later he said “what is this snow?” He was going to figure this out! So I told him it was frozen water.

Later he came up to me with a mouthful of snow and said “waaer!” He had figured it out. Smart child.



Israel was a wonderful father and got out of bed early on his Saturday morning and showed Ranger all about. How to build a snowman,throw snow and make snowballs. It was a fun morning.

Ali sat quite happily on the couch while we were outside.

First snowman of the year!

He even got charcoal eyes :)


Of course today most of the snow is gone. There’s a lovely dusting on the mountains still, but hopefully we’ll have another week of fall before winter sets in!:)

Weather like where you are? Are you a snow-hater, ambivalent, or snow- lover? I don’t mind it as long as it’s not on the roads and I can still run!

Ranger and I went out on some super-snowy days last year!

6 thoughts on “Snow Already. And already gone.

  1. We live in Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay, and we do not get quite enough snow. When we do, the city pretty much shuts down. School close quickly. I grew up a little farther south and did not learn to drive in it but I am slowly doing a bit better. I love a good snow storm with a couple of snow days every winter, and then I’m ready for spring again. I do NOT care for driving in the city on slippery roads-we live in Baltimore City. I love how clean the city looks right after it snows and sigh over how dirty it gets so quickly.


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