Be Kind. And Naps.

Some days I feel like I just need this permanently etched in my skin.

Love is kind. Love is kind. Love is kind.

Today was one of those days.

I didn’t think to get my pen out and actually give myself a visual today.

I should have.

My patience starts to wear thin when the whining comes to a deafening hum ( I have low whine tolerance, I guess). Nobody will do anything on their own, the house is a wreck, nobody will sleep and I am tired.

That’s just how life is somedays.

And we get through.

We do.

But my kindness meter needs an umph. An extra push. Something.

It’s easy to be selfish. It’s harder to be selfless.

So I am reminding myself to be kind.

That my littles are just that. Little. And I am big. And God is bigger


Ranger is starting to drop his nap already. It is fairly predictable that if he sleeps a bit in the stroller on our run he most likely won’t sleep more during the day.

It is still frustrating for me.

So I make him stay in his bed a while until it’s obvious he’s not sleeping. Sometimes I have to shut his door while he’s in and I’m out to give myself time to chill. I tend to blow sleep out of proportion because I’m so used to having that break during the day from Ranger at least.

But I think I’m going to have to switch from focusing on getting Ranger a nap to focusing on getting Ali a nap in her crib. Not on me. She tends to just catnap during the day in the wrap and takes a longer nap while Ranger is napping.

Then I’ll at least be able to possibly get things done and be less frustrated even if Ranger isn’t napping. It won’t be the same kind of quiet time, but at least I’ll have one portion of the day where it’s easier to be productive.

Today about a half hour after I gave up on Ranger’s nap I realized that Ali really needed to sleep. So I shut myself in our bedroom and put Ranger in his room to theoretically play (he just yelled. He hates being shut in/out/away from me. Hopefully he’ll get it sometime) and was able to bounce Ali to sleep on the exercise ball. And since Ranger was not right at my able saying “shhhhhhh!” as loudly as possible, I was able to lay her down.

She slept for 3 ish hours. In her crib. On her own. So nice.

So Ranger hung out with me doing random things while I went on a cleaning spree. I cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the sink, wiped all the counters, swept and mopped all of our hard floors ( it had been at least a couple months since they’d last been thoroughly cleaned!), managed to make most of dinner and a batch of cookies before she woke up.
It helped my energy levels and my ability to be kind immensely.
Thank the Lord.

On a side-note: I think I pray more for my children to sleep than almost anything else.



Thank the Lord.


How’s your kindness meter these days? Is it a constant battle?

4 thoughts on “Be Kind. And Naps.

  1. I feel the same way sometimes. Taryn still naps, but it seems that they can’t nap at the same time. I get one down and the other wakes up so I lose what little “me” time I had before.


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