A day in my life: pretty normal here.

3 AM – we hear screaming/yelling from the other room. Ranger is awake and not happy about it. Israel goes in to try and settle him down. Nothing doing. More screaming. Israel ends up sleeping in Ranger’s room.
4 AM – I’m finally back asleep after being wakeful asleep a whiile waiting to see if israel needed back up.
6:15AM – Ali’s up. I bring her in bed with me.
7:45ish – we’re up after futilely flopping for half an hour. I put my contacts in, read blogs/email/etc. Ali sits in my lap and burps.
8:15 – we hear evidence that the boys are up.
8:30 – we go say hi to them and start our day.
9:00 – make b-fast. Bagels and eggs. Search out random missing dishes and candles from our move while Ranger eats. Eat breakfast. Israel works in his office.
9:45 – get a text from mom! Agree to her plan of coming for a visit so I can run without the babies this morning (happy dance in my head).
10:35 – am motivated to get something done before my mom arrives. I hold Ali and wander around getting things done. empty the dishwasher, gather dishes to load, straighten up, and turn on some music.
10:50 – Ali falls asleep


so I set her down in her crib. And do as much as I can til she wakes.
11:15 – my mom gets here. Ali wakes up. She plays with the babies and we chat a little while I finish loading the dishwasher and wiping counters.
11:30 – I get Ranger a snack of cheese, find and put on running stuff, feed Ali and get her situated with mom so I can go run for half an hour.
11:50 – I’m out the door. I get to Run! Alone! Glory! 3.1 miles down. Only 7 miles left to meeting my goal of 365 miles for this year. I think I’m going to make it!
12:25 – back from running. Ranger greets me happily, mom hands me Ali. I feel loved. Israel leaves for the office. It is nice he can work from home some. I chat with mom while getting lunch ready (leftover barley soup, biscuits topped with cheese toasted under the broiler)
It is lovely to chat. :) made my day.
1:45 – mom had to go pick up my littlest sisters from a sleepover so Ranger and I are left to ourselves. Random activities on ipad, read to ranger, feed Ali. Think about goals and christmas and gifts and blogging and possible brand redesign. Trim ali’s nails. Change some diapers. Ranger plays independently, but is starting to get a little fussy.
2:45 – put Ranger down for nap while nursing Ali in the rocking chair in his room. Start writing this post.
3:00 – Ranger is asleep. Proceed to Mommy’s free(-ish) time! I spend time on the internet, order christmas presents, and then read (this book, The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How. is very well written and actually quite interesting!) for an hour. Ali sleeps on me.
5:00 – Ranger wakes up. Pretty cranky. We cuddle for a while, then he sits on the couch while I change Ali. I decided I wanted to make sure she wears my favorites so I dug around in her heap of clothes some more and picked out outfits for the rest of the week from the soon to be outgrown options.

6:10 – realize dinner needs to be decided. Put some sweet potatoes in the oven and some chicken out to thaw.
6:20 – take a shower with Ranger while Ali was in the swing (a very usual arrangement), do situps (per this plan), dress Ranger, start a load of laundry, and then go figure out the rest of dinner.
7:15 – finish making dinner with Ali in the moby wrap facing out (her new favorite carrying method). Ended up with baked sweet potatoes bedecked with butter and brown sugar, a shortened version of sesame chicken (only made the sauce; didn’t fry or marinate the meat), spinach and mushroom salad, and cooked barley warmed up and toasted in a skillet with some oil. Twas quite good and I felt rather proud of myself. :) Ranger liked everything except the spinach and the sweet potato ( i think he doesn’t care for the texture of mashed potatoes?).
7:30 change ali’s diaper, transfer clothes to dryer and put another load in the washer.
7:40 – finally eat dinner while nursing Ali. Ranger plays in the rest of his food….
7:50 – free Ranger from his high chair so he doesn’t resort to edible projectiles.
8:00 – read, play, tromp, feed Ali in hopes she’ll sleep and I can lay her down. I read some of my book to Ranger while he plays since he seems to enjoy listening and I like to read aloud.
8:45 – Israel calls to say he had to work late, and is going to find food out since the parking garage is backed up to the top floor and he won’t be able to get out anytime soon anyways.
9:00 – try to lay Ali down. No luck. Restart dryer. Get Ranger ready for bed and tucked in while Ali fusses in her crib.
9:05 – sit in ranger’s room with Ali while he goes to sleep. Read random things online..
9:35 – Israel gets home and comes to cuddle Ranger for a few minutes. Ali is asleep well enough I set her down in her crib and then feed the cats.
9:45 – Ranger is still awake but we leave his door open and he stays quietly in his bed while he falls asleep. I will close his door later this evening.
10:00 – we turn on a movie (Oblivion with Tom Cruise is excellent!) and set up camp in Israel’s office. Israel works on a few more things. I waste time on the interwebs and write this post.
11:20 – done with this post. Ali will probably sleep until 5 or 6 and then we’ll move out to the couch for a couple more hours. Ranger might wake up a couple times like he did last night, but hopefully he’ll just go right back to sleep.

Signing out now.

12:05. Ok. I lied. I am now actually done with this post. Editing and filling out my shorthand notes for the day always takes longer than I think it will!
How has your december been going? I can’t believe Christmas is only a week away!

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