The Dare is Done!


I started out this year with a dare. I didn’t know I wwas pregnant when I wrote it so in february the dare was modified to include just the following list.

I like to post my goals for the year here so that I can check back throughout the year and see how I’m doing. It’s encouraging to see myself progressing towards change in things that are important to me.

I may or may not finish everything on the list. If I did, I am happy about it. If I didn’t I can think about how my priorities changed and be happy with it, or I can reevaluate how I tried to make progress on that goal and make a plan for the next year.

I find it is easiest to keep my goals doable if I stay flexible and try not to take them as seriously. It is more important that I stay present in my life and available to people and opportunities than it is to say read 100 books or run 100 miles. I choose sanity over completing my yearly goals every time.

With that said. Let’s see how I did:


  • Run every week. I did it within the acceptable parameters. I ended the year with just 7 weeks without any running and only two without significant walking or running.
  • Run at least 365 miles over the course of the year. As of the 30th, I ran 244 (the most I have run in a year!) and I walked 146 for a total of 390 miles!
  • Run a 10k and of course some 5ks I ran four 5ks and the 10k will have to wait til next year. My 5ks were in January: 31:50, May: 39:00, July: 37:07, October: 32:48.
    Pretty good for being pregnant most of the year.
  • Run through pregnancy. I win. My 39 week running update..
  • 20131230-142606.jpg


  • Create a morning routine that involves bible and prayer. Should do this….really. haven’t gotten there yet…
  • Do things that scare me. yes. Working on being brave about many things.
  • Complete a 100 days challenge…we’ll see… nope. And it stopped being important to me.
  • Continue to do what I’m already doing. Just better. yes. And I found that writing about it helps me to be much more intentional: 31 Days Molding Momma and my Beating Back “Perfect” series are my favorite examples.


  • find a church Done.
  • buy a house. yes!
  • do hard things.debatable and vague
  • make good food. Most of the time. I’m getting much better about making food consistently!


  • Read 100 books. Yes. 34 fiction and 66 non-fiction.
  • plan/write in the summer and execute a cohesive 31 days topic in October. W00t. Did it. 31 Days Molding Momma.
  • Read 6 books in Spanish. Nope.
  • speak spanish to Ranger. Eh…kinda?


How did your 2013 goals go?
What’s your feeling about yearly goals/resolutions?
Do you prefer the word ‘goal’ or ‘resolution’? (In my case using the word ‘goal’ lends to more flexibility and more sanity)

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