“To be or not to be?” 2014

To be or not to be. That IS the question.

What do I want to be in 2014 and in my life and what do I have to do to get there?

My new years goals are a chance for me to choose to be more of who I am, more who I want to be, and more who I feel like God is leading me to be. It gives me a time to reevaluate and think about where I am going with each thing in my life and where
I would like to see some changes happen. I find it a very helpful way of focusing my time and attention throughout the year towards things that matter to me.

And that is my new years thing.

It’s not rules. It’s not musts. It is: I would really like this to happen so I’m writing it down and making a concentrated effort towards achieving it.

So. My 2014 list.

To be or not to be…

Run a lot! (i’m not making a miles goal this year because I have no idea what would be reasonable and I just want to focus on being consistent, staying healthy and not getting hurt.)
Run a half marathon. Or two.
Race a couple 10ks and some 5ks. As I feel inclined.
Yoga once a week. This will be a harder one to do, but I really like how strong it makes me feel and think it would be helpful to my running overall if I prioritized it.
Run at least 10 miles every week.

Write a newsletter and mail it to family, maybe by our anniversary. Or maybe by the end of january. We’ll see. :)
Be a people-gatherer. Organize get togethers, meals, groups. i.e. Do fun things with fun people…
Get to 200 likes on my blog’s facebook page. (This feels like a stretch at this point, but why not be bold?) Help me out?

Read 50 books.
Learn how to edit photos, make albums and be generally useful in Israel’s photography business.
Read the bible in a year. My Bible in a year facebook group is here if you want to join!
Group study. Intentional. women. More on this later.

…Centered on family?
Go camping and hiking.
Get back to doing weeklyish kidless dates.
Make one fancy meal a month. Call it an in-house date. Main dish, salad, dessert, rolls/bread. Something besides water to drink.
Log off of social media/blog reading on the weekends.

Crochet a blanket.
Decorate the house gradually.
Print pictures for walls, frames, family and in general.
Next items on bucket list to check off: 28, 46, 48, 51, 54, 58, 61.


What are some highlights goals for your year?

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