Life in Snippets (<—are those just Muppet scraps?)


(From my run on Saturday)

I’m having a hard time figuring out what to blog these days. I think it’s partially just being out of the habit and partially just directing my life a bit more towards the outside of the blog world.

So here’s a brief and random glimpse!

These days I’m:

  • …making lots of progress on my running goals. Last week I ran 16 and a half miles total, finished week 13/32 of my half training, ran a 6 mile long run (last run that long was september 2010!), and still took two days completely off.
  • …figuring out how to be an effective ambassador for the Final Kicks racing company. It involves a lot of planning with various people and then a lot of talking in various social media outlets about this group. I’m really looking forward to doing this well and making it a worthwhile program for them. A year of free races makes it completely worthwhile on my side of things!
  • …trying a new thing and starting an in-person community for ladies. I’ve felt the need for a group of “my people” for a while now and want just a regular gathering where we can be people, share wisdom, eat goodies, have fun and just generally be encouraged by one another.
  • …thinking through our subject matter for the year. Each month we’ll be focusing on a different area to be intentional in and how we can glorify God better because of it. I’m in the midst of figuring out just how much direction (or stepping back) to put in and how much trust is necessary that God will use it in spite of me.
  • …being more careful with grocery money and trying to cook well. It can be exhausting coming up with decent meals day in and day out, but I think it has been a good activity for improving my cooking.
  • …still reading a lot, even though I’ve given myself an easier book goal this year! Last year was a year in the books and kind of isolated, this year .i’m hoping to see more people and build better relationships.
  • …hoping to get back into a pattern of blogging soon. I feel like I have a lot to say, but I have many other focuses now.
  • …can’t wait to get this year a little more under weigh just to see how it goes. I feel like it’s going to be epic.
  • …loving that Ali is starting to to babble.
  • …amazed by how fast time goes with kiddos and how big they are getting already. (Ranger will be two in two months!)
  • …still eating too much chocolate.
  • …in need of a massage.
  • …getting over a bug.
  • …loving running, reading, writing, facebook, friends, socializing and having plans for the new year.
  • …interested to see how God uses this year and how we are changed because of it.

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