With Intention and To His Glory {life intentionally}


Last July I had an Epiphany of sorts. I realized that part of my discontent with being at home and wanting to go back from school stemmed from a lack of purpose and direction in my life as it was.

I realized, as I was beginning to write my 31 days series on motherhood, that when I am more invested in my life and more actively involved in figure out how to do well I was more content.

I realize I feel more fullfilled here, in my current life, if I am constantly and actively learning, reading books about the things I want to improve and being intentional in my roles as a wife and mom. And then after doing this in my active living life, I learn best by then writing and reflecting on those little changes that made a big difference. I end up In putting it all together and feel more accomplished and successful in what I do. And therefore happier.

It’s intentional living.

And somehow it makes a difference for me,

This year I’m going to challenge myself to think more deeply and more carefully about different areas of my life.

Each month this year i’m choosing a different area to focus on. It’ll be a month of intentional prayer and reflection, reading, sorting out my dreaming, and just living with that focus in mind. And during that month I’ll slow down and write about it a time or two (or three, or more, we’ll see) just to really get the most from the activity and internalize the learning.

I am going to be intentional about improving in the little things in life I often just gloss over. They can’t be overarching yearly goals (though I have lots of those too!) because it’s just the vague notion (or absolutely clear knowledge) that I could do better.

I also really want to consider how I can better honor God in each of these areas as well. How can I change my habits in such a way that He is the one getting the glory and not me? How can I make sure my motivation is striving to be more christ-like and not for man’s approval? How does holiness factor into each of these areas and where is the grace? How can I live with my focus more on God and less on me? Can I stop living a self-center life and instead move towards being more God-centered?

I hope so.

So here it goes!

The outline of my year-long series:

January: GodResting on the One Foundation
February: Marriagerecap post
March: KidsWhile the Children Sleep, and Momma Art
April: Being a HomeThe Habit of Being Home.
May: Creating a HomeThe Doing and Not Doing, Toy Rotations, and Decorating Reflections, House Thoughts: Purpose and Personality
June: Hobbieswriting and grace, writing and dreams, writers and fear, and on doing and not.
July: Identityjourney towards feminism, young aspirations, gender and christian culture, feminist or not, and marriage definitions.
August: Kindness and Encouragement.
September: Listening.
October: 31 days (words/opinions?).
November: Health and Food.
December: Celebration.


How does being intentional look for you?

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