What with new things to do online and new goals, I’m spending more time then I should with my eyes taped to the screen of my iPad.

It is bad news people.

I do way too much on this little device and it keeps me from my babies sometimes.
I read books, write to do lists, take notes on books I’m reading, chart exercise, schedule events, converse with groups, market for Final Kicks, write blogs, read blogs, comment on blogs, tweet, read tweets, facebook, waste time on facebook, pinteret, edit pictures, write, and yeah. You get the idea. Way too much!
So I’m giving myself a hard limit like I should have done long ago. I want to learn how to prioritize the things I need to do, fit in the things I want to do, and say no to the unimportant/day-wasting type of thing.

Two hours a day still seems like a lot….but it is sadly tons less then I have been doing (I’m not letting myself stop and figure it out!)…and it will include reading my kindle books.
Before I have tried putting iPad time in specific blocks during the day…but that hasn’t really worked. I always bend my rules to ‘check one thing’ and get sucked in for way longer than I meant to. I’ve also done a 30 minute limit before…but that was such a short amount of time it wasn’t sustainable for more then the month I tried it.
I think this 2 hour limit commitment is one I am willing (and needing) to make work long term since this iPad overuse seems to be an ongoing problem for me. This way I’ll spend my time better and maybe actually do useful things when I’m on the iPad. I really do appreciate how I can use my iPad, I just think recently I’ve overdone it.

I’m sure my babies, my husband, and my house will be happier for it.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing with this at the end of next month. Hopefully it will be a something of a habit by then. I’ll be keeping track by starting and stopping the timer on my watch when I log into my iPad. It will be a good thing, I think.

What about you? How do you keep screens from taking over your life?
From an October finger-painting session:






I want to incorporate more times like these into our life. :)

5 thoughts on “De-screened.

  1. Love that you’re doing this. I have been doing something similar in my life that you might be able to adapt to yours. I make myself do certain things before I allow myself to get on the computer, and specifically Facebook. I have to do things like my list of housework for the day, a load of laundry, and read my scriptures before I allow myself to get on. And after I get on I have a limit of how long I’m allowed to be on and how many time I’m allowed to do that. For me it’s two thirty minute blocks and then I make myself be done. Might be a little different for you since you mentioned that your working online (doing marketing for a company?) Hope this helps :)


  2. Thank you friend for sharing this article quite interesting, hopefully we all get real happiness yamg rays began to warm our hearts and make the heart glad, when we can share it with sincere to each other. Affectionate greetings from Gede Prama :) :)


  3. I need to do something like that as well.. I think once I move I might make it a “rule” to only be on before they are up or after they are down for bed. At least during the week!


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