Hero {Five Minute Friday}


My littlest Hero came to me almost two years ago.

He’s half my height, but he keeps me on the straight and narrow, fills my life with joy, and makes this momma’s heart glad with every smile.

My hero leaves his blocks on the floor and then helps me pick them up when I offer to reward him with hugs. If he’s feeling like the fun fell out of our little task he’ll come back for more hugs before moving on to the next block (or a distraction, if we’re honest).

We eat peanut butter while I figure out what to cook for dinner. He’s reminded me it’s time for food.

After dinner we play and clean and watch Netflix because it’s one of those days.

When he gets tired, he remembers the cats need food too and goes to shake the baby gate in the laundry room doorway so I can help him do what has become his evening ritual/chore-soon.

We read stories. He loves the words and books just like me. Somedays I don’t feel like reading, but he’s my hero, he keeps on asking.

He reminds me I’m the mommy and it’s my job to read the books, to smile between the lines, to yell “Voom!” really loud (or loud-quiet cuz the baby’s sleeping) when we get to the right spot.

He reminds me that loving them is my job and pleasure, baby smiles are wonderful, baby hugs are better, and he redeems the day no matter how bad or good it has been.

If I think about it.

He’s my hero, because he saved motherhood for me.



Linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday (on friday this week, how’s that?)! Join us here and check out her new book coming in April: Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom which I expect to be just wonderful!


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10 thoughts on “Hero {Five Minute Friday}

  1. I love this take on hero. After I read your post I was like that is so true. I have two little heroes. She is six and he is 17 months. They are glorious gifts bestowed upon me and wow how amazing their impact on my life. Happy weekending. Oh and your little guy is grade A-dorable!


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