January was…


  • 70 miles of running. This is the most I’ve ever run in a month (closest was Oct ’10 with 50 miles and I ended up hurt). I’m feeling great and have so much energy!
  • Not so sunshine-y. It was rather gray with lots of inversion, but the sunny days were joyous and appreciated when they came.
  • challenging. Israel had his longest trip away from us and I was on my own with the munchkins for 5 days. He ran a 50k. That man. Finished it with a broken finger in more time then he wished for, but less time than most.
  • exciting. I’ve really enjoyed heading up my Bible reading group, can’t wait to see where God takes us in the Ladies Bible study group, and am just stoked for the rest of the year.
  • lots of cooking, cleaning, laundry and normal stuff. I learned how to make yogurt, spent 2/3 the usual amount on groceries, and am excited to finally be able to keep up with housework and the like.

I’m doing a fun list activity this year. My sister is also doing it and I am just copying her :). The idea is to write a list every week for the year, just as a fun activity.
Here are a my lists for january:
1: list words that touch your soul: Kindness, peace, joy, feelings, hope, love, family, future, harmony, thought, life, listening, quiet, grace, equity, delight,
2: list your greatest comforts: a good book and coffee – improvising music and feelings on the piano – a baby’s warmth on my chest – my husbands strong embrace – chocolate – running in the rain – a word aptly spoken that coincides with God’s leading – God’s leading and confirming and guiding presence –
3: list the things you should be proud of: (this was unbelievably hard): growing my babies strong and healthy—-Investing in my home life—Running consistently—staying true to who I am—My wonderful husband and his careful care and joyful love of his babies and me—Willingness to do hard things and try new things—Ability to look at my life and change for the better—Creativity.
4: list your current and future goals and dreams
current goals -> see this year’s goals here!
Future goals -> Run a marathon sometime during the year I’m 26 in 2016.
— Qualify and Run the Boston Marathon on my birthday in 2022.
dreams: Write a book. Or two. Or three. —Be a Christian leader/speaker—Travel the world—Be fully confident in my womanhood and ability to do what God has called me to.

Find the rest of the list prompts here!
Looking forward to in february:

  • Race on saturday. Last chance to sign up with 20% off is today! Discount code: erika @ run4luv.com
  • virtual race with my MMRT ladies in a couple weeks.
  • My ladies Bible study and Chapter 2 of Watchman Nee
  • Valentine’s day
  • more time with the hubby (thanks to a job switchup)!

What about you? Random comments? Observations? What are some words on your list #1? How was january? What are you looking forward to for February?

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4 thoughts on “January was…

  1. Oh my goodness! I adore this list idea! So good to keep track of the day to day things that make up our lives. love it. I’ve really enjoyed looking through your space here! Looking forward to reading along. (Stopping from the incouraging writers group.)


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