Write {five minute friday}


Write the way you are.

Write the way you want to be.


Write me a letter from my soul, I’ll read it.

Write me about who I am and what I’m supposed to do.

Write to me about me I’d like to know what’s going on to.

I think that’s why I write.

Sometimes it is hard to know. Sometimes it is hard to say.

And sometimes it feels like you know everyone else better than you know yourself.


That’s probably only because you are aware of more levels of yourself and the exploration is therefore broader.

So write.

Write about the things that move you.

The things that make you mad.

The thing you want to be better at and learn about.

Sometimes you can’t know what’s going on inside until you write.

So write.

Just let it out and be.


You are living.

And breathing.

Write your story.

Get to know the words God put in your soul and you’ll begin to feel His delight.
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22 thoughts on “Write {five minute friday}

  1. Yes, writing is such a great help to sort one’s thoughts and express them in a way that makes sense not just to you, but also to others. It is as if you as the reader are different from you as the author!
    Blessings XX


  2. “Get to know the words God put in your soul and you’ll begin to feel His delight.” – that is one of the most beautiful statements. I loved this post. Thanks for sharing your heart!


  3. Love this, thanks for that encouragement! I read your bio just now and at our (in)courage space and you kinda remind me of myself 11 years ago : ) Looks like we had our kiddos at the same ages. Blessings to you!


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