The Little Moments and the Years – Happy Valentines

I made a heart shaped breakfast today.
Because it is valentine’s day. Duh.

I handed Israel his plate and he looked at me with wide-eyes, obviously wondering if I had lost my marbles and was hoping a heart-shaped obsession would not ensue.

Well, yes. And no.

Yes, we will have heart shaped food for now, and when our littles get bigger they will get a mini-tin of chocolates at their spot at the breakfast table.

Because that is what my family did and we always felt special and loved.

I’d never really connected this day of love with the need for a significant other. It’s always been a day to celebrate our family, eat chocolate and make cards for our grandparents. Of course when I was little my mom always got the extra surprises from dad, but that was normal.

For us, Valentine’s Day is for family and celebrating and love. And that’s what I want it to be for my littles too.

So today I made eggs in heart-shaped frames for breakfast, we gave Ranger a taste of sparkling cider (his face was amazing!), Ranger is decorating cards for daddy and grandparents, and we might make sugar cookies later.

I made a special dinner yesterday and brownies a couple days ago.

I want it to just be a special day.

And for my people to feel loved and cared about.

Sure, we’ll go out to dinner (with our babies) and next week we’ll try to get a movie (by ourselves!), but these are things Israel and I really try to do throughout the year to stay connected and keep having fun together.

But no, Valentines Day can’t be the only day to celebrate our love. Heart shaped everything doesn’t spell caring, after all.

The little moments and the years tend to say it best.

The holidays are just a reminder to cherish the present, savor the past, and stockpile memories for the future.

I love you, Israel :)

And Ranger.

And Ali.

We are having a lovely life.

Mine is that much better just because you’re in it.

Thanks for being my people. :)

A few of my favorite pictures with Israel over the years :)


May 2009
A picnic in May.

May 2009
Painting my room.

June 2009
Stopped for picture on the drive to family camp.

June 2009

February 2010
Our first valentine’s day together.

March 2010
Spring Break

March 2010

March 2011

March 2011

June 2011





















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