A day in the life: typical sunday

Every couple of months I like to slow my day down just a little to notice what we do and when. It will be fun to compare the different rhythms of each day throughout the years. I did a sunday this month. Last sunday, specifically.
Today we started bright and early. At least Ali and I did.

Some days she’ll wake up around 6AM and today was one of those days. I try to be productive and take advantage of the extra quiet hours, but some days I’m better than others. Today, I think, since I’m writing this, I’ll probably be pretty productive. It also helps that I was in bed by 11 last night. Not being tired is important.
So. On to this (probably) typical sunday of ours.
6:15AM – Ali starts thrashing beside me in bed. I try to get her to nurse back to sleep. I burp her and eventually it becomes apparent that there is no restraining this little early bird.
6:35AM – get up, plug in Christmas lights wrapped around our bed frame for a friendly glow, put contacts in, open window a bit so the light will hopefully join us soon and then say Hi to my little munchkin.

6:45AM – we hang out in bed (Israel was so tired last night he fell asleep in his office on the love-seat and apparently went to sleep with Ranger at some point..otherwise, on early days like this, we would venture out to the living room so he could keep sleeping). Ali chatters all adorably and I get a move on with this post.
6:55 AM – time for Bible reading, blogs, breakfast, facebook, reading, other writing and tea as I wish.
7:03 – change Ali’s diaper. Ali plays on the floor.
7:05 – turn on the keurig.
7:06 – attempt to fix the zipper on a pair of jeans with a butter knife.
7:11 – admit defeat and go back to the assorted bible reading, email checking, blog reading time.
7:40 – start making breakfast (tea, a muffin and eggs) and feed the cats so they’ll stop meowing.
7:55 – sit down with my books to nurse Ali while I eat.
8:25 – Israel gets up
8:30 – Ranger comes out and I give him the rest of my food for his breakfast.
8:45 – Ranger wants me to read the cat in the hat. So we do.
8:53 – Get ranger a banana
8:56 – Read another book. Henry and Mudge. I love this book. It actually has good writing.
9:10 – bathe and dress the babies.
9:30 – Israel goes to run.
9:45 – quick shower for me while Ali sits in the swing nd ranger watches Curious George. Get out and set Ali next to Ranger in front of George, brush my hair and then spend our minutes with the blow dryer to speed up drying.
10:10 – feed Ali, install in her carseat, finish gathering stuff for church.
10:30 – finally leave for church
11:00 – 12-30 church and chatting after, Ali eats during church, then head to my family’s house for lunch.,
1:15 – lunch, my teenage siblings and dad are gone at youth retreat so there are not many people there today. Ali eats while I eat. So good to eat food I didn’t have to cook.
2ish – dessert, visiting, baby and toddler wrassling,
2:30 – Ali eats and sleeps. I catch up this post. Boys play outside with my mom, israel works, Amanda and Ben play a game.
3:15 – Amanda and I get moppet tog clothes out to sort and divide to sell. We had received various hand-me-downs and now had a few too many clothes for our littles. I also had one set of that A hadn’t seen yet so she kept some for her kiddos. We juggle babies and eventually the five bags are divided down to: 1 to donate, one of winter sale, one for Amanda to keep, one for me to sell, and one for Amanda to sell. It should be fun and interesting to see how it goes!
4:45 – we’re done finally and break to take care of babies and visit with the teenagers and our dad who just got home from snow camp.
5:15 – update post.
5:30 – pizza for dinner!
6:15 – visit, play with babies look at snow camp ice skating pictures.
7:15 – ranger fell asleep in front of tv watching the picture on a slideshow.
7:30 – I go alert Israel of the sleeping child situation and we get ready to go home for bedtime.
745 – transfer Ranger to car, hope Ali stops crying soon and drive home.
8:20 – get home put sleeping babies in rooms, feed cats.
8:30 – update post and watch netflix with israel. That’s a day!


How do your Sundays tend to be? Ours begin with a flurry of activity, but tend to be lovely and chill in the afternoon and evening.

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