No more awkward turtles. Promise. {life intentionally}

So even though I like the idea of blogging through this series systematically, it is starting to feel a little forced… And it’s only february.
So rather than continuing on an uncomfortable path of no return where I blather on about faults..and needs…and trying…and not trying..and blahblahblah.

I am just going to say: I’m still doing this list. Yes. I like this. It is good. But I’m going to let the living lead the writing instead of pulling words out of the unlived thin air.

I’m going to go with what Emily said about changing your mind and I’m choosing to change it up.
I might refer you back to the list of topics every now and then.
Like now. See under February it says something about marriage? And then in March it’s all about my munchkins? It’s going to be less a carefully planned series of blog posts and more just a springboard for improving my life.


We’ll see how it goes.
So last month I focused on my marriage. Ish.

At least I did in the beginning. And I think that is a good thing. And then I got busy and a little off track and life kicked in. So I started glomming by (don’t ask me what that means, it sounds like it should be a word right?). But these habits are things I want to continue throughout my life. I don’t want to just halfway think through it one month and never think about it again. I want habits.

And since writing helps me remember what I’m learning and to keep learning when I’m living, I’m going to keep writing.

Here’s what I wrote:
On trying and not trying.
On valentines.
On practicing.

Here’s what I read:
on talking to my husband (by Hollywood Housewife).
On anything but boring valentines (by Ann Voskamp).

Here are two things I’m going to intentionally continue:
– interrupting less
– making/arranging time for dates

And: This is the last weird conclusion post you’ll hear from me. No more intentional awkward turtles. I promise.

Though there may be many accidental ones.

That is the beauty of being the author of the blog.
I am in charge of the backspace key and the publish button.

Ok. I’m done. I’m going to bed.

Until we meet again. Saludos.


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