While the children sleep.

While the children sleep I have many things I could do…should do..would do.. might do.

There is always a list.

A long one.

Easily made longer.

But sometimes the list gets scrapped and I sit on the couch. Drink a mug of hot chocolate. Eat some more chocolate on top of that. And just enjoy the feeling of sitting with my feet up for a few minutes.

I can’t look at my watch too much or the minutes get counted down instead of savored.

I can’t look at the internet too much or I’ll be annoyed when the waking happens and I have done nothing that refreshes my soul.

But what I can do is important and life giving.

And neccesary.

I can sit. And do something that speaks freedom into my next few hours.

I can reframe the last hours of the day before bedtime. From hassle and frustration to calm and lifegiving.

At least I hope.

But at least in these minutes I can rest. They don’t happen often.

I’ll read, I’ll write, I’ll think a bit. Maybe I’ll plan out the dinner attack and a few activities.

And hopefully when they wake I’ll be ready to smile and savor the rest of the day with them just the same way I savor nap-time when they both sleep.

When the wake up happens we’ll read books, make dinner, have a tickle fest, teach forward rolls, find a way to let them play together, and maybe even figure out how to make folding (and putting away!) laundry fun and a group activity instead of mom’s chore.

We shall see.

But for now.




And then move again in the riotous rhythms of life with two littles.

When you have little ones perpetually around you, in your arms, or your hair…or both, it is important to take the quiet moments to regroup and refresh.

It’s so hard to be present and enjoy the present when it is just SO MUCH all the time. I’d like to figure out how savor and really be with my babies when they’re awake instead of counting down the hours to the next synchronized sleep.

I’m guessing a key element to this would be being very careful with these times when they do both sleep. Using them well, and at least trying to get Ali to nap in her crib some of the time while Ranger either naps or rests in his room.

So maybe I’ll try it and see what happens.

See if I can’t enjoying the hours between nap-time and bedtime just a little bit more intentionally.

I am sure my munchkins would enjoy it. :)


What are your thoughts on this? Is the last stretch before bed hard for you too? How do you intentionally live with your babies more?

5 thoughts on “While the children sleep.

  1. I am still trying to figure this one out. Unfortunately I don’t have nap time anymore, but I certainly try to make the most of the time before they wake in the mornings and after they have gone to bed at night


  2. Erika… I just love this! And I love how you are, even now, recognizing the need to recharge – to spend some time alone that is just for you. Can I tell you a secret… even when your kids are older and need less of you during the day… you still need to make time for this. Wish I was sitting on the couch enjoying that mug of hot chocolate right along side you!


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