Books for the Journey: My Two Year Old Loves…


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of Ranger’s favorite books. I think he was nine months old the last time and would only sit through a few pages. His taste and attention span has changed quite a bit.

He loves most books and would make me read to him all day every day if he had his druthers. The trick is finding books we both like. Here are a few of his current (and mommy-approved) obsessions:

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss – He likes the VOOM at the end of the book. And somehow he sits through the whole thing. I think the cats named by the letters of the Alphabet help to draw him in. I like this book because of the interesting ways you can interpret the plot. If you think of the Cat being like a critique of the government the story gets a whole new spin.

My Monster Mama Loves Me So – this was a favorite of one of my brothers when he was little and just a fun book. I love the detail in the pictures and the interesting perspective of the monsters.

Bunny My Honey– this one is about a baby bunny who loses his mommy and then she finds him. Ranger understands exactly what happened and loves the song the mommy bunny sings.

Make Way for Ducklings – I was really surprised Ranger latched onto this one as a favorite. The pictures are not in color and it is a very long book. But the drawings have the perfect amount of detail and objects that he can pick out. Plus, did you know ducks say quack??! It turns into a pretty enthralling book :)

Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble – I love this one. The style of writing just appeals to me and the way the author adds details and interest is just remarkable. The pictures are cute, but it’s the writing that gets me. My favorite line: “Mudge looked back at him with soft brown eyes and a flower in his belly.”

Curious George – I can read just about any Curious George book. I think we have 4-5 of them and they’re all pretty tolerable. The older ones are awesome just because the little details, like how George has to go to prison because he called the fire fighters on accident. Yep. Hilarious :) The newer ones are fun too, even though George never really gets in trouble for anything he does. So yes, I’ll take George as an awesome alternative to Clifford or the Berenstein Bears.

He’s also been enjoying any book with counting (Ten Little Ladybugs, Ten in the Bed, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed ) and any book with pigs (If You Give a Pig a Pancake, Stone Soup, and Small Pig ).

I love that Ranger is getting to a point where we can read books with actual storylines. If Ali goes to sleep early some evenings we will sit down with a whole stack and read for half an hour or 45 minutes. It is so fun!

What books are your kiddos enjoying these days?

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6 thoughts on “Books for the Journey: My Two Year Old Loves…

  1. Such a great memory for me as a mom of two grown sons to see your list of books! My sons enjoyed some of the same and as a teacher children everywhere also enjoy the books you listed. Visiting you from (in)couraging writers. Blessings!


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