A Visit and Another Chapter

A couple weekends ago Israel’s family flew here from Alabama and Georgia. It was such a fun visit. It was a whirlwind visit, but we managed to have lots of lovely time talking and laughing, everyone stayed in our home, we visited with my family sunday, adventured in the foothills monday, and there were pictures. Of course. Lots of pictures. :)

Here are just a few highlights from what Sandra has posted on Facebook so far. I didn’t even get my camera out the whole weekend because Sandra had her camera out at all times. I love it. Because she takes amazing pictures. And I get pictures with me and my babies in them. :)


The cousins had so much fun together and it was really cute to see so many shirk faces in our house. There is definitely a strong resemblance.


On Saturday, I recruited help planting peas and then we hit up the park.

Sunday was family and pizza

And outside

And birthdays (israel was trying to blow out more than his share of candles)

And more outside.

Monday morning we went to the foothills and took pictures before their afternoon flight.

Ranger was carefully taught what the 20 ft drop looked like…so as to instill a little fear.




Up until their visit Ali was extremely nervous with the people who didn’t live in her house, but her Aunt Ari was very determined to have Ali like her by the end of the visit…she gradually lengthened her intervals and by the last day of their visit had won Ali over. We have proof:

That is a very happy baby :)

I am so glad this visit worked out. It was good to see everyone and show the Idaho. When they finally left it was goodbye a little while. Arianna and David and their daughters are moving to Kenya on a medical mission (Ari is a pediatric ER doctor) in the fall for at least two years (planning on serving longterm).

It was very strange to watch them drive off and realize this is it for a while. Made me wish I would have hugged them tighter and had better words to say. It is a combination of sadness that we won’t see them soon and joy that they get to live this new adventure chapter. God is good and great and He has placed them and us where we need to be. We are so excited for them!

They will be blogging at http://shirkadventure.blogspot.com if you’re interested in following their adventures. :) because the internet exists to keep us connected and informed. Thankfully :)

(Photocredit goes to Sandra Shirk :)


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