Interact, Challenge, and Write ::: Ideas worth sharing :::

Here’s my monthly conglomeration of posts I’ve appreciated or found noteworthy this month. The first group has to do with how we react to and interact with other people. The second set has thoughtful posts on feminism, christianity and the gospel. And the last set has to do with writing true. Visit around and tell me what you enjoyed! Happy first of May!

The Splenda Level of Friendship at She Loves.
What is Lost and What is Won When We Yell at Our Kids by Rachel Toalson.
How White Parents Should Talk to Their Kids About Race at The Slate.
Gratefully Disillusioned by Sarah Bessey. A reflection on removing the pastor pedestals.

How We Know God at God’s Politics.
Are You Making Things the Gospel that are Not the Gospel? by Laura at Enough Light.
Two Kinds of Justice by Esther Emery.
Christian Women, Feminism is Your Friend, Actually by Samantha at Defeating the Dragons.
A Response to Matt Walsh: Christian Women, Feminism is Not Your Friend at The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors.

Write less and more:
The Slow Writing Revolt at WordServeWaterCooler.
Why I’m Done Letting Critics Tell Me Who I Am by Esther Emery.
Where have you been reading lately?

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