Various Ideas and Sentences


I’ve been journaling more and blogging less since some of the things I’m thinking about need more finesse hashing than the 25 minute nap-time blog post allows. Someday you’ll get to see my thoughts in more fullness and clarity, but right now the words are percolating at their own pace. I can’t seem to do anything to speed them on. Sorry, peeps.

But these days have been fun. They’ve been flying by as always. I’ve been reading. Ali has been growling, and running in her walker. Ranger has been figuring out how to talk clearly. With syllables and many many recognizable words. It is quite fun.

Here are a few things I’ve been doing or thinking about doing to help us live our lives a little better (since I perpetually try to improve things):

My 30 minute all-day timer. Recently it’s been helpful to have my watch timer set on repeat to keep me accomplishing things and living well. As the day goes by in half hour segments I can think about what I’m doing and not doing each time the timer rings. I’ve found babies get more stories and more playtime, the house is cleaner and i can read or sit with less guilt since more of my daily tasks are getting done on a regular basis. I am much less likely to get to the end of the day and realize I have done essentially nothing useful except feed everyone (which, yes, is a task in itself, but I like to keep my standards a little higher than that at this point).

Weekly-ish Mini-Adventure (and permission to walk instead of run sometimes). I would like to walk (or run, only if I feel like it) to a place (without a playground mostly) where Ranger can just run around outside. There’s a river and the greenbelt and a mini-reservoir about a 20 minute walk away that has a nice gravel path well suited for strollers and it feels like you’re in nature instead of a park. I’d like to include more outdoor adventuring like that in our kidlets lives.

Full On. I’ve been thinking a bit about what it means to be “full on” to what is in front of me. My aunt used that phrase in praise of my cousin recently and I realized that being full on instead of semi-distracted all the time would be good for everyone and everything.

– My House to-do list is my focus for May. My list includes maybe painting the bathroom, planting a lilac bush, printing some pictures, and thrifting some dining room chairs. I am looking forward to it since it is different from what I generally focus on. I want to make my house a little prettier and think about decorating a little more.

What random, useful or fun ideas have you had recently?

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3 thoughts on “Various Ideas and Sentences

  1. When I was younger, I had a job painting ceramic Christmas ornaments. Fifteen fit on a tray, I was paid 50 cents per ornament, $7.50 a tray and I would set the goal of one tray every 30 minutes. Most sitcom TV shows are 30 minutes so I would sit and paint and listen/watch TV in 30 minute increments. I totally understand that cycle of productivity.


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