Modifying Plans

Often things happen that are a little bit out of our control and mess up our plans. But you just have to keep moving forward.

We can choose the next thing to do, but really have limited say in it actually working out.

I planned to run a half marathon on May 18th. But it looks like that just won’t be happening. I gave myself runner’s knee by running too many miles on week leading up to my 10k and I really need to wait til that feels better to increase my mileage that much more.

So for now I’ll keep running how I have been. I’ll gradually work back up to 15 miles a week (i took a week off to see if that would help, but no luck) and then when I’m ready to tackle a half-marathon I’ll be that much closer to trained and have that much more time with consistent running.

So no half-marathon yet. Sigh. But sometime…

It just brings me back my verse for this blog:

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”
Proverbs 19:21

I am such a planner. Sometimes it is frustrating to step back and say “you know what, this isn’t going to work right now” and then choose to embrace what’s next on God’s list.

God’s list tends to have a lot more nuance and many more unknowns than mine would.

But the story ends up better in the end.

Random Running:
– Running in the rain is more fun with a hat. Because then the water sometimes drips on your shoes instead of always in your eyes.
– I ran past a speed checking station and managed to get it to 9mph for a millisecond. :)
– I ran 1/2 a mile barefoot and it was fun.

3 thoughts on “Modifying Plans

  1. I’m a planner, too. But you’re right, it always turns out better than I planned. :)

    Also, just some encouragement: our bodies somehow remember the running. I’ve gone an entire nine months (for pregnancy) without running, and as soon I was cleared for exercise, I hit the pavement. My body surprised me, and I cranked out four miles without it feeling hard. I bet your body will surprise you, too.


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