50 things for 500 posts.

It’s kind of a blogger tradition to share 100 random things about yourself for your 100th post. Well, I never did that. So instead since this is my 500th post I’m doing 50 random things. Because it’s fun.
So here you are:

  1. For lack of more accurate information, unclaimed clothes left on the floor at my house will be pronounced dirty.
  2. I’m an ISFJ.
  3. On the Enneagram I’m a One (A perfectionist). With a Nine Wing (Peacemaker). And when I swing towards Seven (the adventurer) I tend to express those characteristics more like a Five…So instead of looking for lots of adrenaline, I frenetically pursue information. Anyone else enjoy the enneagram?
  4. I love the kettle corn variety of microwave popcorn.
  5. Sometimes I stock up on chocolate syrup like it’s going out of style. Because I guess I’m under the impression that life without chocolate milk would be sad.
  6. For the last 6ish years I’ve had this system of growing my hair out for a couple years and then cutting it short again. I think I want to keep it short til at least the end of the year and then maybe go super short for a couple months before growing out again as I want to.
  7. I am looking forward to homeschooling my kids. Right now at least.
  8. I love chocolate chips. Too much.
  9. I used to hate writing, now I need it. It is interesting how that worked out.
  10. I hate the feeling of sand on my hands. But we just got ranger a sandbox… :/
  11. I’ve always thought I’d have maybe four or six kids. Any bets?
  12. 6 is my favorite number. And then 89.
  13. I want to run a marathon when I’m 26. 26 miles for 26 years.
  14. I want to run Boston. On my birthday. When I’m 32. Because it’s on my birthday that year and Boston would be epic.
  15. I write 98% of my blog posts on my iPad. Same for picture processing. I reached that number very scientifically.
  16. I know more about computer programming than I ever thought I would thanks to my husband.
  17. I have never met anyone with my same birthday. Even just the 18th…and definitely anyone with the same day and year.
  18. I have big dreams about things that are too hazy to outline right now. I think I need to just keep walking in the known and eventually the hazy things will appear on the horizen. Or they’ll pop up in front of me like an Iceberg and I’ll be like, “when did I say I wanted that?? That looks scary!”. Anyway, I’ll spare you more details of living in my head.
  19. I always sleep with socks on. If I don’t the rough spots on my feet snag at the sheets and that is just not a restful experience.
  20. I would have done 100 things for my 100th post, but motivation never struck and 50 is a lot less than 100.

    About half. In case you were wondering.

  21. I loved math and hated writing in highschool. I ended up an english and spanish major. And probably wrote a lot over my four years. It would be interesting to know how many pages I wrote.
  22. I have eaten way too many boxed brownies this year. They’re too easy to make. And eat. The eating is definitely not strenuous.
  23. I’m currently in the middle of reading: Restless by Jennie Allen, The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee, (last three all for the 2nd time) and a few others I kind of started but haven’t really committed to yet.
  24. Recent books I’ve enjoyed: Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle, Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa Jo Baker, Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey , and The Demon King by Cindy Chima.
  25. I have brown eyes. Before my parents adopted kids I was the only brown-eyed person in my family. Now we are the majority.
  26. I always have a list of books I want to buy.
  27. I’d like to write a book someday. Is that the first time I’ve said that here?
  28. I’m starting to relearn the meaning of the word feminist. It speaks of freedom and justice and love and Jesus. And I’m gradually embracing it.
  29. I’m a words of affirmation girl. Which is probably why I’ve kept papers with professors’ comments on them. And every note Israel has ever written me.
  30. Chocolate is a love language too right?
  31. I got a bush for my birthday. I love lilacs!
  32. I love the wind. Most of the time. It’s not really fun when it’s blowing dirt in your eyes though.
  33. My favorite season is Spring. I love the flowers and the world coming back to life.
  34. I think I used to be a lot more introverted than I am, but now that my main activities include hanging out with babies all I day I do a little more to seek out company.
  35. and because I’m running out of inspiration, I’ll post parts of a random list from 2009. because they are still true. And fun to look back on. (Do you remember when the Random List was popular on facebook?)
  36. 1) Languages are my thing. Not necessarily learning to speak them, but I love to look at the similarities and differences in language and accent.
  37. 5) I hate being forced to do things that I would rather not do. It kind of makes me freak out internally.
  38. 7) I’ve played the piano for about nine years now. (UPDATE: 14 now.)
  39. 11) I love to read! My favorite is historical fiction, but recently I’ve been reading books on more specific subjects (outside of assigned textbooks) like language. I have gotten better at appreciating fairy tales and fantasy, formerly I had a low tolerance level for them.
  40. 12) Right now, let me reemphasize that, right now (meaning this could change and probably will) my major is English, with an Emphasis in Linguistics. ( I have claimed that I don’t like to write…I’m not sure if that is still true…hence the iffyness on major selection.)
  41. 13) I have 9 siblings.
  42. 16) I can’t remember a tune to save my life. If I’m not trying to remember it, it’s easy to remember…I guess. But once I start consciously trying to remember it…it’s gone.
  43. 20)My favorite color is a warm, tangeriney, nectariney coral color (reddish-orange).
  44. 21) I love sunsets the best.
  45. 22) Fall is a beautiful noise with patterns on the sidewalk.
  46. 23) Sometimes in the summer the air-conditioner makes me cold, so I go and sit in the sun for a while, in the 90 degree heat. It’s lovely.
  47. 25) I love songs with good lyrics, books with well-woven words, movies with music, days with sunshine, conversations with randomness and seriousness, and people who smile without thinking.
  48. My husband is pretty awesome. And hilarious. And smart. And wise. And I could probably write a random list about him.
  49. I’ve been running since 2010 and when I was younger I played soccer. I liked midfield because you got to run more.
  50. When I was little my favorite way to start sentences was probably “I can’t wait until…” I think that still rings true. I just make plans to enjoy the process of getting there. and the process is often the fun part..

What are some random things about you?

4 thoughts on “50 things for 500 posts.

  1. I’m an INFJ, so pretty close. :) Also, Jennie Allen’s Restless was sooo good. I’m in the middle of Lisa Jo Baker’s right now. I enjoyed reading this about you!


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