The Doing and Not-Doing {an honest update on all those idealistic lists I write}

In recent months I’ve been posting idealistic lists of things I’d like to improve in my life. I realized that I post the lsits and never really mention my follow through and how that worked out…soo, lest you think I somehow am superwoman and do everything perfectly, now’s the time for a little show and tell. The run down of what I’m focusing on each month is here. Hopefully this recap will remind me a little bit what I am working on this year… And maybe it will encourage you a little since you will see that change takes a long time sometimes despite our best intentions. :)

In January I posted about focusing on God more. And one habit that has carried through is the mostly daily bible reading. My Bible in a Year group has been excellent motivation to stay in track although I am currently a bit behind it. Praying happens haphazardly still and reading through my post from that month makes me want to pay attention to how God shows up more. But I think that one solid change of habitual bible reading is really good.

Also in January I also challenged myself to less screen time. I put a two hour limit on it. I’m still working on it. I think most days I am on my ipad a lot less than I was this winter and that is an excellent thing. I am still working to find the best way to keep my focus outward instead of screenward, but positive progress is good.

In February I made a list of marriage practices. Well, I’m still practicing though I can honestly say I’m getting better at each of these things. I feel like the biggest changes have been in my ability to listen and to just sit with him in evenings while we watch a movie or whatever is on the agenda. It turns out your ability to focus on another person (in spite of what is going on in your own head) gets better with practice.

In March my kiddos made priority with their own set of ideals. I honestly didn’t end up thinking about mothering as art very much, but I did try to think about what Ranger really needed when he acted out instead of just reacting with whatever punishment. And that was very helpful and continues to be helpful in my mothering.

In April I tried to think about what it meant to create and intentionally live in my home. Out of my ideas only a couple have half-way stuck and the others didn’t make it.
– Screenless Sundays live on. Screenless saturdays didn’t stick. – I am reading to ranger more and doing my reading in more thoughtful doses. Though not as little or as much as prescribed in my list. – once a day fun things are hard to qualify as what I think is fun is different from what Ranger might think. I think my weekly goal of an outdoor adventure will be a great replacement for and less pressure than the daily goal. – mealtime prayer has yet to be a habit. No ideas on this one. I’ve been out of the habit for so long now it is hard to go back.

So that’s how the first third of my intentional year has been going and not going. It is an interesting, challenging, rewarding, and humbling process.

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