Decorating Reflections

At this point in my life, decorating my house is not something that comes naturally to me. All of it involves time, and paint, and trips to the store, and getting up the nerve to put a thumbtack hole in the wall. And try to throw into the mix two little ones who definitely enjoy exploring every little thing.. And my excuse list becomes a little more justifiable.

(This is what ‘before’ pictures look like.)

But I think the biggest thing that stops me from making changes in my home is fear (I really didn’t like to use that word…but it is the only true one for the situation). It’s not a life or death fear, but it is enough to keep me stalled a little more often than I should be. My nagging doubts: What if I spend too much money? What if I don’t like it? What if Israel doesn’t like it? What if it’s not just right or doesn’t turn out how I planned?


I need to be brave and just start trying things.

If I buy a dining chair at a yardsale and it’s not quite right? Fine, resell it. No problem.

If the paints the wrong color? Don’t worry about it. Paint over it.

If I put extra holes in the wall or generally have to try a few times before getting right? It’s ok.


I think I put way to much pressure on myself when it comes to decorating and organizing my house.

And that is what stops me from trying.

That and my kiddos. But they’re here to stay and I can just ignore that internal expectation that I should do things perfectly.

I have to remember The Nester‘s mantra: “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

And then carry on. Trying new things and failing, as necessary.

New skills take practice.

(yes, that is my clean and unfolded laundry on the floor in front of the laundry room. 2/3 of the time that is where it lives. It needs a better home. )
On my house-love list for the next couple weeks:
– Brainstorm and attack my laundry room. I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t have to live with crazy amounts of junk on the floor or haphazardly stacked baskets. I will have order! :)
– think about adding colors into my living/kitchen/dining areas. Surprising bright spots and wall art.
– I’m waitlisted at the library for a copy of the Myquillyn’s new book: The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful. I can’t wait to read it!

How do you feel about decorating? Is it all about function or are ease of function, purpose, and aesthetics something you think about naturally?

I’ll be sharing more along the way as I learn to think about (and improve) the state of my home.

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5 thoughts on “Decorating Reflections

  1. Decorating is harder when you move so much (like I do) I also have a “spot” for my clean laundry. I think it must be a mom thing lol. Can’t wait to see the changes!


  2. Came from (in)courage :)… I LOVE decorating! I love making a home… LOVE it… and you know, the nice thing about things like paint is they transform a room and it’s really NOT that expensive. A rooms color can affect your moods as well as your sense of security or peace when you are at home. It’s pretty important. In the way that a baby loves being wrapped in a warm blanket, a family needs to be wrapped in a warm home. While this is one filled with love, this is also one filled with peace and a splash of paint of an organizational project you feel proud of can go a LONG way… It’s hard to step out in faith, while this isn’t an area I struggle with, there are about a hundred-bazillion other areas that are, so I absolutely understand!
    I subscribed to your blog and can not wait to see your changes!!!!


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