Words Aloud, Rightness, and Living Whole :::Ideas worth sharing :::

Somehow it has been awhile since I wrote here! We were on vacation last week, so maybe that is a piece of my excuse. But you can expect to see me more here. Here are some of the noteworthy things I’ve read or watched this month. Thanks for stopping by :)

Words Aloud:


Testimony Evangelicalism:

“The point here is to tell of the experience is such a way as to best connect with the experience of the hearer. One cannot afford to presume to know their meaning system and seek ways to combat it.
Let me push a bit deeper. Proof-texting plays no role in the kind of evangelicalism I’m imagining because there is no way to know a) if the hearer is biblically literate b) if their interpretation of the quoted passage matches the speaker’s, or c) if they prefer an altogether different passage that doesn’t align with the speaker’s view.”

We Can Be Fully in The Right But Still Bring Death – Rachel Toalson:

“That question just won’t let me be today: Does my response give life or does it take life?

Because there is a difference, and right does not always mean life.

Are we choosing life, or are we doing what’s right and bringing with it death?

How do we speak grace in the twilight?”

An Interview with Sarah Bessey at The Junia Project:
“The truth is that everyone is on a bit of a journey. There is a lot of room for diversity and we are all learning from each other. Again, our language and the way we tend to think have binaries. Either you are 100 percent in this camp or that camp. I’ve had people say they agree 100 percent with what I have written, but they cannot call themselves a feminist because of the negative associations. That doesn’t bother me because I don’t care about labels. My thought is there is always a new way moving forward that is messier than our tidy categories and labels.”

On being female in the church and living whole:

A Woman’s Right to Choose by Khristi Adams at The Junia Project: (Don’t judge by the title, it’s not about what you might think!)

“As a result, when I am with students, friends, or any women of different contexts I make sure to encourage them in the freedom of their decision-making. I do this simply because the system they live in discourages them in their autonomy. I want to make sure there are women out there who know that by simply exercising their freedom to decide they are unleashing a power and shifting a culture for generations of women behind them to do the same.”

The Bait and Switch of Complementarians:

“Please do not tell girls or women that they share equally in God’s image; that they are equal at the foot of the cross; that they are equal in the kingdom of God, that they should cultivate their minds equally, unless you are prepared to give them equal authority to use the gifts God has given them. To do otherwise is to bait girls and women with the truth of Scripture as it points to their inheritance in Christ, and then to switch—to deny them the opportunities to walk in newness of life—in using their God-given gifts with equality authority.”

And as you’re reading these articles on feminism, opinions, women in ministry, etc that I am recommending, just know that I am in no way hating on men, or the church, or my upbringing, or anything really. It’s more of a gradual realization on my part that the world is bigger than I thought and finding words that bring glimpses of that bigger world. I’ll write on it more soon. It’s a process and a journey I’ve been on and am hoping to share with you in time. Just building up my courage a bit as I learn the words.

How is your summer shaping up?

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2 thoughts on “Words Aloud, Rightness, and Living Whole :::Ideas worth sharing :::

  1. Summer is just starting here. Girls missed all three of the days of their last week of school. I am excited for the warmer weather and longer days. =)


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