While we were at the coast, our family rented a house that was really close to a portion of the Oregon Coast Trail. It was so fun to be able to run from the house and be in the woods with an ocean view in less than 10 minutes. I only ran twice while we were there, but it was really great location for trail running.

On one of my runs, Israel decided to come along. We tend to have little time to ourselves on these big trips with so many people around so his company was welcome. The last time I ran with anyone was when I raced in March. And I’m not sure that counts as really with someone. Anyway. It’s always fun when Israel slows down enough to run with me.

After we ran in the hills we got back to the quiet side road the house was on and Israel had us do some strides.

It turns out strides aren’t about going fast. Did you know that?

I’d never had anyone explain it to me before, but I had assumed doing strides was basically the same as sprinting.

Well. It’s not.

The purpose of doing strides is to let yourself go fast, but also to think about how you’re running differently when you run fast. Runner faster for short bursts can help you learn how to run more efficiently, if you pay attention.

Israel says the basic mechanics of how you run shouldn’t change based on how fast or slow you’re going.

So for me. When I was running fast, I lifted up my knees more and actually ran. I think that’s why I always like the final few hundred feet of my races, because I run like I mean it. And it feels like running. And that finally stretch is about the longs my muscles can sustain those motions.

So anyway. When I’m running fast I lift my knees. When I’m running slow I shuffle. Decidedly.

So this month of running I’m going to focus on opening up my stride ( lifting my knees) a little more. Nothing drastic. No big switches. Just that will be the thought as I’m running and I’ll gradually make the switch to running in a more efficient way. And I’ll do more strides to keep my form focused on efficiency.

Another observation Israel made is that I run faster uphill than I do in general. Because when you run uphill you have to lift your knees.


So it will be fun to switch up my form and hopefully amp up my pace as a side-effect :)

This is what happens when my husband runs with me. :)

Other notes

  • My next race is on the 4th of July! I’m running a 10k with my aunt.
  • Also: if you’re local, prices for that race, The Tutu Run, go up on
    Tuesday so you should sign up now. (Don’t forget your 20% discount code is: Erika )
  • If you need Tutu inspiration, there are some pretty epic ones here.
  • I picked another half marathon to shoot for! I talked my friend, Beth, into running with me. (And when I say I talked her into it I mean I texted her and asked if she wanted to run a half marathon with me when she was in town next and she said “sure! which one?” She was very hard to convince. ;) :D ) So October 12 is the day.
  • My knees feel the best if I run close to everyday. Which works for me. I think they are getting better overall too though.
  • I’m still using the same training plan-ish. But I’ll spare you thr details since I’ve already posted the first couple phases here. When I get to that final phase I’ll probably share more details. You can find the book here.
    And phases F/IEQ, and TQ.

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Runners: Did you know the difference between strides and just sprinting?
How’s your running?

Everyone: what’s your next big goal in life?

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