Hands {Five Minute Friday}

Hands begin the morning. Rested. Ready.
And are gradually worn down.

Hands on the babies back.
Hands pulling back the banana peel.
Hands twisting sprinkler knobs.
Hands writing.
Hands on stroller handle assisting in running.
Hands stirring oatmeal and coffee and flipping quesadillas.
Hands consoling and rocking and patting.
Hands leaving little things til later and rushing to do some more.
Hands forever straightening.
Hands planting tomatoes in the rich dirt.
Hands brushing sand out of the babies hair.
Hands leaving dishes for later.
Hands stirring soup.
Hands sift through the flour and dug into biscuit dough.
Hands with the baby food, the book pages, the toddler face.
Hands that never really cease or still during the day.
I may sit, but my hands forever serve me well.

Typos and all.

My hands and me,

A journey well-done. A day.

Joining in with Five Minute Friday on this Fine Tuesday. I wrote this on Monday. I feel like I should say the rest of the days of the week while I’m at it, just to be fair…but I’ll resist!

Curious about five minute friday? Anyone can participate. It’s a fun five minute free-write every week at Lisa Jo’s. Come check it out :)


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