A day in the life – driving

A couple weeks ago we were off having fun with my family. We drove to the oregon coast where my family had rented a house on the beach.

And we had loads of fun. As always.
I thought it would be interesting to write out what we did on the way home. Because it is oh so interesting. And I’m sure it will look very different as our kids get bigger.


This is how we got home.

The day before this we drove the first 4 hours of our trip while our littles slept. We got to the hotel around 2 AM.

So late. Much tired.

But it is so worth it because that was 4 hours of our 9-10 hour trip done. No screaming. Just sleeping. And driving in the dark.

We ransferred the sleeping babies to beds with very little hassle. And finally got ourselves to sleep around 3:45.

My morning started at 6AM with a wakeful munchkin.

Notes. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep in the car. But here goes our day.

6:15 AM: Ali decides she is awake despite my denials. We flop on the bed a little while until her restlessness wakes Ranger up.
6:30: We root through our fridge/cooler for food since somehow we landed a hotel that charges for breakfast and I’m a skinflint. Turn on the kid channel for Ranger. We watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Mister Rogers, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc.
6:45: Ranger has a full breakfast of string cheese, fig bar, and a veggie/fruit pack. And Ali has a partial fig bar and some veggie/fruit snack pack. I eat string cheese and coffee.
7:15 – find diapers and clothes for babies.
7:45 – make my hair look nice with the flat iron. Because why not. And the sink/mirror is in the main room so I can easily supervise while accomplishing. Score. Ali crawls around exploring while I do. Nice hair makes me feel less tired.
8 AM – mini-nap and nurse for Ali
8:20 – start this post.
8:30 – try to decide what else I want to eat and how long I want to wait.
8:32 – Ali needs attention.
8:33 – change diaper.
8:37 – decide to eat trail mix and sweet peppers.
8:40 – hand Ali all my lip gloss from my purse to play with, work on a blog schedule, hand ranger my wallet to pull cards in and out.
8:55 – feed Ali again.
9:30 – decide we’ve had enough inside time, gather up things to go to the car, put Ali in the carrier on my back and walk to the car in the parking lot holding the hand of my barefoot toddler (somehow wee’d left his shoes in the car). Israel calls while we’re out and says he’ll come for a walk too.
10ish. We find a cute little cafe downtown where we have breakfast outside. Ali falls asleep on my back while we were sitting. It was adorable and odd. She draws the adoring attention of everyone who walks by.
I liked the cafe because it had plastic dishes for little kids. So smart.

And delicious food. Ya know. :)

11ish. Walk back to hotel, change diapers, tromp the meese and load up the car.
11:30ish. Drive drive drive. The babies sleep a little. Ranger starts fussing so we turn on Frozen on the iPad. Ali sleeps. I doze and read (thanks to long straight roads otherwise I’d have been ill). And doze some more. Two hours of sleep is kinda killer. Israel drives.
1:45 ish. – We stop for lunch and some playtime at McDonalds since Ali is fussing and we are hungry and there’s a town(!).
2:45 ish – Resume, get gas, and drive drive drive. Frozen is recommensed. Ali is appeased with a graham cracker and toys.

Somewhere in the middle of our drive (4:30ish?) – Ali was still fussing and fuming so we stopped while I attempted to feed her. I think she just gets so distracted when we’re traveling that she doesn’t eat enough. She couldn’t focus and hardly ate, but was happy to play a couple minutes before I reinstalled her in her chair.

I dozed off and on. Ali fussed. We started the second cinematic experience for Ranger (Planes!).

Ali got another cracker.

We crossed a timezone and added an hour to our clock.

We drove.

Found another state.

Ali fussed and fumed with a tiny bit of sleeping. She played with a baby wipe for about 10 minutes and was quiet.

7ish we’re home! Unpack, gather mail, straighten up, say hi to cats.

7:30 cold cereal for dinner because it sounds good and the milk will expire the next day.

8:30-9 bedtime for babies!

9:30: I fall asleep reading on the couch. Wake up when israel walks through after working a little while. We change the sheets to rid it of fur. Those cats must have slept in one place on our bed the whole week we were gone!

10:30 – Ali wakes up. She nurses back to sleep and I lay her down in he crib.

11 PM – bedtime! :)

And that is basically our day of traveling. Minus a few details since I wrote this the next day and I was running on two hours of sleep. But you get the idea. :)

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How do you make it through a car trip with littles?

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