Coast Trip: Pictures, Enneagram, ya know.

A couple weeks ago we went to the Oregon Coast for a week with my family. It’s about a 9-10 hour drive from where we live. So for our sanity we made some fun stops along the way. The first leg we drove from Boise to Bend. We left our house at 10PM and the babies slept til we got to bend at 3AM. I think it was a good decision.
The babies and I had some time to kill that morning for a couple hours til Israel woke up (being the driver he needed to be rested).
Bend is an excellent place to kill some time. I had Ali in the boba carrier and Ranger in our single stroller and we just walked along the river. My hope along the way was to find a park with a playground. If you’ve ever been to Bend you know all along the river is an excellent place to walk and basically lined with parks. I let Ranger out to walk on his own to burn some energy just in case we didn’t find. We finally found one a mile and a half out. It had an epic boat :)
Since I had only really planned to go to the park across the street I wore my flats and gave myself some nice blisters for the rest of the trip. But it was a very fun and pretty walk.
We walked back and packed up.
Went to our favorite restaurant (Double Happiness, in case you’re ever in Bend) and then stopped at REI for some miscellaneous camping needs for our next destination.
We were finally on our way around 4 and had nice clear skies until about halfway through when it started to rain.
We had a beautiful view of the epic mountains for awhile. We made it to Tillamook forest and made camp in the dumping rain. We spent a rainy, but very cozy, night in our tent. In case you were wondering, camping with 2 babies is doable and pretty fun. We were pretty tight in our two man tent, but only Israel’s feet got wet the whole rainy night, so I’ll call it a success.

Next morning, Ali got tired of the carrier and had to have playtime in the tent.
Ranger loved running around in the woods!
He did well around the fire with complete supervision.
I was very proud of myself for rekindling the fire from coals that morning. Though Israel would probably like to point out that he is the one who made the fire in the rain with wet wood and no paper the night before. So I’ll give credit where credit is due. :)
And Ranger only went near the water with daddy.

Ali helped me gather provisions from the car for breakfast.

And then we went on an epically steep hike and I learned how to walk down steep slopes.

And I thought about the enneagram along the way: as a One I tend to make decisions from my gut which doesn’t really work when you’re working your way down a steep grade with lots of loose rock and various obstacles. You actually have to think (or make decisions from your head) about where you’ll put your feet. It seems like kind of a silly realization but it made more sense to me (and allowed me to give myself grace) when I thought about it in terms of my personality.


The rest of our trip was spent in a more routine fashion with my family and was lovely and fun. :) i did lots of reading, walking, visiting, talking, and generally spent great time having fun with family. Ranger and Ascher had a ridiculous amount of fun playing together (it only ended in blood once!). Ali and Wilona stole each other’s toys and poked each other’s eyes. And Israel had the closestq thing he’s had to a break from work in a long time. It was really fun getting to go on walks and runs and talks with him.












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