Words. and Grace. And Jesus.

So today I rearranged the living room. It’s all switched around and now it seems like it flows better with the rest of the house. And I feel like I have more decorating leeway and power. A better base to make pretty.

We also squeezed in a trip to the park with friends. And I showered by myself. And both the babies took naps. Which was great. I had to respond to a detailed email (not the kind of writing I prefer) so I didn’t get a chance to write here during naptime like usual. I got things done but I didn’t get to write, which frustrated me and left me cranky. It seems a little exagerated, but that is just how it was.

Because I like writing in this space. I like how it allows me to figure out things about my life. I like how I can connect with people and see what they think. And it makes me happy, when by the grace of God, something I wrote encourages someone else or rings true with their experience of life as well.

Spending words here is something I need to do each day.

Sometimes the urge to draw in more traffic can get out of hand or the networking (that’s what facebook and reading other blogs is, right?) can take too much time if I let it. But overall because of this space and these words I am a better person.

I feel like blogging helps me to be a better mom. I am more intentional and leave less to chance. Blogging helps me to be a better wife. I think more about things and feel less of a need to talk my husband’s ear off when he’s free from work at the end of the day. It’s not that he doesn’t like to listen to me it’s just so many words. Blogging helps me to stay a little more intentional in other areas too. Cleaning, decorating, organizing, running, reading. Ya know, i could go on and on. You get the idea. Writing is good for me.

Blogging also helps me to think a little more about my faith and about how I can share the things I’m learning with other people. I love that I have this method to share my experience and potentially encourage people to hear about this bigger God I’m learning about. This habit of writing through my life is connecting the dots of where God was and is and is to come and how I am so not in the loop with any of it!

I love it. And Him. And connecting with people about my ideas. And the learning involved. And I am oh so interested in seeing where we can go here in this space.
I love how loving Jesus and loving words and grace can bring us closer together and closer to Him. And how that can help us to extend our words and grace and Jesus to others with less hesitancy.

The need to write is an interesting thing.

But it seems to just be a story of Words. And grace. And Jesus.


(How my living room looks now)

Oh and apparently writing helps my productivity. After I wrote I managed to run again, write some more, clean the kitchen, wash all the dishes, dry all the clothes (they are in a lovely warm folded heap on my bedroom floor now), clean all the floors and was basically a flurry of activity until 11PM when my husband got home and freed me from my madness. The end. :)

Do you have a hobby that you just must do each day?

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