Confused People

“The upside of confusion is openness. Confused people listen better, not always, but more often than those people whose minds are made up. Those folks listen only in order to critique, to see if someone else is on the right track, namely theirs. Confused people are more likely to combine kindness with whatever convictions emerge out of their confusion. And, because of their eagerness for meaningful dialogue with honest people, the convictions they develop tend to speak to the realities of life as it is really lived.”

“Everything in spiritual community is reversed from the world’s order. It is our weakness, not our competence, that moves others; our sorrows, not our blessings, that break down the barriers of fear and shame that keep us apart; our admitted failures, not our paraded successes, that bind us together in hope.”

– Larry Crabb, Becoming a True Spiritual Community


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2 thoughts on “Confused People

  1. Being confused also has a liberating aspect in regards to our beliefs. For example, if I had been raised as a child and youth believing the same thing that I had always been taught, without ever even really knowing there were other ideas out there, if anyone were to present ideas from a different perspective they would of course confuse what I had always thought. But that confusion, also helps us see from others’ perspectives and grow ourselves.


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